Thoughts from the game (20/06/10)

My thoughts from today's game...

  1. Argos suck.

  2. No, really, Argos SUCK.

  3. We have an amazing receiving core this year! Some of those grabs they were making, wow!

  4. Tafralis may be the future, and not Porter. Glenn MUST be the starter at this point, it isn't really a question at this point anymore.

  5. Our D seems improved this year. Though some plays made me pretty nervous, hopefully it's just rust.

  6. Our cheerleaders are awesome as per usual.

  7. I'm very nervous about the team selling vuvuzelas at the game! Sure, you are making $8 on a $1-2 piece of plastic. But what if those things start going off non-stop during games? That will undoubtedly drive fans away. If people use them as they do the traditional blow horns that we've been hearing for years at CFL games, which I believe don't make the same buzzing sound as vuvuzelas, then that's not so bad.

8 ) $5 hotdog? $8.50 beer? Geez... I'm just going to stop getting stuff at the game now. The prices are just too high. And it's not like inflation can be blamed, there hasn't been any for the past 2 years.

  1. What's up with the "special sponsored seats" right along the sidelines? They look to be only about a meter away from the playing field. Are you telling me that players aren't going to crash right into those things during key plays? We've already heard that the WALLS of Ivor Wynne are too close to the field, now we've got sponsored standing area even closer? I see this going really badly. And because it's us that is going to be playing at Ivor Wynne for 10 games a year, odds are it is one of our players that will get hurt. I hope the ti-cats know what they are doing...

And that was without Maurice Mann.

Porter played well, people are too quick to dump on the guy.
Had key runs, key throws and 1 TD 1 INT.
Not amazing, but not bad either.
Tafralis was good also, just don't think it was enough to earn the second spot at QB.

I agree, not enough yet anyways.

Number 9 is definately insane, that'll be interesting too watch.

Today's standout players IMO:

Kevin Glenn, Demetris Summers, Dave Stala, Drisan James, Martin Manson, Will Heyward, Glenn MacKay, DeAndra Cobb, Marquay McDaniel, Sandro DeAngelis.

wow what game were you watching...
that last td pass might have saved him his job. he looked horrible, all he can do is run... he was overthrowing receivers that were wide open and the one pass that he threw up in the air to avoid a sack was suicidal, he is real lucky that wasn't picked off.

other game notes

I thought the team as a hole looked great. summers looks like he can be a good back if cob goes down or just isn't preforming. all our receivers were finding open space and grabbing nice balls. the d got ok pressure on the qb's and our secondary had pretty nice coverage even though Winnipeg dropped a ton of balls...

I assure you his job is not in jeprody and yes he could've been more accurate.Once everyone got off the guy's back he was rollin'.Then they swap him for Tafralis and he picks up where Porter left off.That's the game I was watching.

I went to the game today with a family member who was down from the States and played ball down there. It was his first time watching a CFL game. He also coaches at the high school level and mentioned today that while number 12 can run he certainly can't do much else. He knows of him from the college days and mentioned he doesn't feel he has progressed since then. He was saying he wasn't much of QB then and certainly isn't and likely will never be a starter at the pro level. His feeling was that he may get a chance this season to prove himself as a 2nd string, but if Glenn goes down this team is in a lot of trouble. He was actually surprised when I told him that he was starter coming out of camp. He missed open recievers like crazy today, held onto the ball too long, and used the run once his first option was taken away. He made rookie mistakes again and he is now in his 3rd season.

Porter did not look good. He was lucky Mckay got that ball and he connected on the TD otherwise it would have been real ugly. Maybe it was just me but the momentum seemed to get sucked out of the Cats when he was in the game. It seemed to return with Tafralis in there.
Other than that, the Ticats looked GREAT. Bruce, James, Mann, McDaniels - what a combination that's going to be.

What game where you watching, after that game Tafralis deserves to be made back-up to Glenn!
Im not one to cut up players, but Porter threw the ball like a girl, no power at all!
He ran the ball no then anything!

I thought Mackay #15 played great for his 1st game! Hes a keeper in my eyes! :rockin:

I was thinking the same. Who is this guy? Is he a non import?

Hah! Answered my own question. Yes he is...from Windsor. Man...if he keeps playing this well (and actually gets better)....what with him, Bauman, Stala, Carter, Valberg and Nicholson, our own Canadian Air Force.

I was at the game as well. I am not an expert player evaluator - however, Porter's throwing mechanics are off. He has not progressed from last year in any sence of the game. He can not find his secondary receiver and runs too often. As stated before, it looks like he is pushing his passes instead of throwing a tight ball. From what I observed today Trafalis throws a better ball and does not appear to be rattled like Porter. IMHO - Porter has not progressed at all over last season.

Porter solidified 2nd string ( in fact I'd say start him if I wanted to be as pathetic as those who say cut him)
Summers can spell Cobb
Dristan James could be an allstar
Glenn Cobb and Bruce are the glue that holds the offence together.
Defence was tough to judge, the db's looked pathetic at times and all world at others
Good place kicking
Punting not great but we're not wasting an import on it and thus its probably good enough

Of the rookies, I was totally impressed with McKay, Summers, Manson,Heyward and Jackson.

I like what I saw and there is definitely a lot of competition for some jobs on D

McKay is a kid who wants a job.

Keep in mind Glenn played with the fist string offence for the most part, and Porter did not. Also, Porter's receivers were all rookies with no experience with the exception of James.

Just to keep the performances in proper context. I still think KG is the better QB.

Thanks for pointing that out. Most people didn't care to realize that.

8) Remember last season when Drisan James played his first game for us. He dropped at least 3 easily catchable passes,
  and everyone on here wanted him to be cut right away  !!!

  I guess Marcel knows a good player when he sees him !!!    <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->