Thoughts from an old man......

Call me old fashioned, or just old, but I have little stamina left over from this season. To me it is too long, and the Grey Cup should have been over with by now. I miss the days of the 60's for many reasons, the CFL was a much better product than what we have today based on rules alone. Don't get me wrong, I am not looking towards reinstatement of a forty year old rulebook, although that would be a step forward (bring back those old refs while we are at it) but there are some changes I would love to see.

First, why are ties discouraged? It makes little sense to me to prolong games that have eighty-some points scored during sixty minutes with the agonizing spectacle of some mini-game with yet more awkward rules so that three points could be given out instead of two. Ties are ties, and odd numbers in the point standings add to the dynamics of those standings. We should have them more often.

Another thing I would like to see is that there is a greater co-relation between certain elements in the gameplay. In other words, make things more relevant. It may be hard for me to explain, but here's an example. A field-goal attempt that hits an upright and bounces back to the field of play really punishes the kicking team too much. If the play is called dead, then the new line of scrimmage should be, say, the twenty yard line. Another element refers to the goal-line and possession. In last night's game Armstrong had what I would have thought, a touchdown, if not for letting go of the ball after he had left the endzone. Compare this to the rule in which a ball-carrier or receiver can stretch out his arm so as to have the ball break the plane of the goaline resulting in a touchdown. It does not matter whether he survives contact with the ground thereafter. The play is over the moment the plane is crossed in one instance, yet reopened after being out of bounds if possession is lost in the other. The 'spirit' of the goaline should be more in keeping with similar, yet not identical, scenarios. Just makes no sense to me as it is now.

Like I said the season seems too long. Perhaps lump all eight teams together with each having to play a road and a home game against the other opponents for a total of fourteen games. Top five clubs make the playoffs. Team five visits team four in the first weekend of the playoffs. The following week determines the Grey Cup finalists with the winner of the 'wild-card' game from the previous week visiting the first place team while the third visits the second.

And those are the thoughts from this old man, how much more I can take I do not know. I do have other interests that I can take up to get my mind off the upcoming post-season, like embroidery or even dairy farming.

I am getting so tired....

This has nothing to do with age, it's just common sense. An ideal season would have 9-12 games, with the winners of each division playing for the Grey Cup. Unfortunately monetary concerns have been given more weight then the long-term development of important rivalries and tension through-out each and every season. As it's currently set up, I could care less about the regular season, and spend my time worrying about American college, which is the only football I currently enjoy.

Agreed. Football is not a game that benefits from overtime, whether it be sudden death or an "innings" style shootout for the goal-line.

Agreed again. It's a touchdown, not a touchline. The CFL's balance between offense and defense is horribly skewed..

Seasons too short. You want a long season see any hockey league.


Pfft. They play 162 games in the MLB. That's excessive!!!

18 games is just fine. Argonauts are in first place thanks to that. It's only a matter of time before the NFL goes to 18 games too.

Yeah, I've got nothing for season length, but the receiving rules are ridiculous. You catch the ball, you get the yards, endzone or not. Surviving contact is just a complete fabrication, get your feet down it's a catch.

"Surviving contact" has been taken way out of proportion this season. It's supposed to mean that if you catch the ball in the air, you have to maintain possession as you hit the ground. They've got it now so that if you catch the ball and are tackled or fall, even after you've gone out of bounds, it's an incomplete pass if the ball comes out when you hit the ground. That's stupid, and has to be changed.

Just one correction though, BigBlew. Three points are not awarded in an overtime game. There used to be a point for an overtime loss, but not anymore. A loss is a loss, and gets you zero points in the standings, unlike the NHL.

While the CFL season seems to go too quickly for me, I'm finding that as I get older, it's getting harder and harder to get out to all 10 games. When the Cats were winning, like in '98 and '99, I couldn't wait until the next game. Now it's become like a chore, especially toward the end of the season, and afterwards I'm exhausted and sore from sitting in those seats. Then I have to walk to the bus, and sometimes I have to stand on the bus because the jerk who runs the thing refuses to send more than one to Eastgate Square even though four busloads came from there. Then when I get there, even if I get a ride home, I roll out of bed the next morning with an aching back and sore knees, wondering how much longer I'll be able to keep this up.

Ah, well, it'll soon be time to renew my season tickets! Can't wait 'til next year!

...I THOUGHT ,,,during the off-season that the rules were changed on punt returns to rejuvenate that part of the game....watching closely this year, i find it's as bad as the previous year for flags ....The league has basically killed an exciting CFL play...with a penalty on almost every return attempted this year....Something has to be re-visited.. :thdn:

Hey, thanks BigDave for your correction about the points given out after tie games. Enjoying all the posts here, takes my mind off missing the grandchildren!

I agree.

But, personally, for me the season's too short. :frowning:

I think the season's too short too. We only get to attend 10-11 home games (including preseason and possible playoffs) spread over 5-1/2 months.

If it's currently too long for you, start watching in August. :wink: