Thoughts from a long time fan, first time season seat holder

Wow. What a game, what a season. Thank you Cats for showing us that despite such huge odds against us you guys had heart and passion. You proved you believed in yourself and wanted to win for each other and for us. You made every penny I spent on gold season seats well worth it. You taught us all that when we are injured, beat down, and undercats that we can get ourselves up and succeed. It was a great example to the youth and exciting for the league. What an greay season and game. Thank you again and again.

So, looking to next year now. Where do we stand? Who will be back, who will be out? Can we bring the same team back next year healthy and ready to bring us back the cup??!

Much love,

:thup: we will be back in black stronger than ever next season this team has a GREAT foundation that has taken years to build , Kudos to th Ticat Organization on the whole :thup:

Love the support, Tyler, and welcome to the forum. :thup: