Thoughts after Calgary's 25-24 loss in Vancouver

Fitting that this one was lost because of penalties and turnovers, like most other defeats this season. That will be the inscription on this team's tombstone. On the topic of tombstones, Tom Higgins didn't help his coaching life with another iffy decision not go for a two-point convert, and then electing to punt instead of trying a late field goal that could have been a win.
Looking at the whole picture, there were a few glowing positives and some truly ugly sore spots.
• G Jay McNeil was hit with a procedure call late that moved Calgary back five yards and forced Sandro DeAngelis to try a 52-yard field goal for the win, instead of 47 yards. Higgins was choked afterwards and said he would like officials to show him who moved on the play.
• A few minutes earlier, Ken-Yon Rambo caught a 20-yard pass that put him over 1,000 receiving yards for the season and gave Calgary its first 1,000-yard trio (along with Nik Lewis and Jeremaine Copeland) since the 2000 season. But a holding call on John Comiskey took the play off the board and Rambo finished with 983.
• The Stamps took 19 penalties, including seven in the final quarter. For some reason they refuse to make the mental commitment needed to be winners.
• RB Ken Simonton was great, running for 114 yards and a score. Folks now have an idea why Calgary was able to trade Wes Cates to Saskatchewan. Those who have watched him all season knew Simonton was capable of such a performance.
• SB J.R. Tolver showed his big-play potential and QB Ben Sankey helped his stock.
• Calgary's run defence took a step forward, holding Joe Smith in check. New tackles Marcus Parker and Eddie Freeman seemed to play well. I was going to go out a limb here and say it wouldn't surprise me if the Stamps sit Brian Clark next week, play Scott Coe and Neil Ternovatsky at linebacker and use an extra import spot on the d-line. However, the injury to Anthony Gargiulo (broken ankle) might mean the Stamps don't have enough lineman to do that, and Clark would get a reprieve.
• The Stamps missed DT Randy Chevrier, particularly for his long snapping. On the potential game-winning field goal, Pat McDonald's snap to holder Brett Ralph seemed to arc and take a fraction of a second too long to arrive. DeAngelis appeared to misstep — ever so slightly — in his approach and his timing seemed a tad off. DeAngelis changed quickly after the game and I never got to ask him about this. He wouldn't ever pass the blame but that might have been a factor.
• The Lions hardly threw an incomplete pass. Calgary seemed to play better on defence — apart from the obvious big plays — but you look at the final stats and B.C. quarterbacks were 22-for-30 for 398 yards and two touchdowns.
• In the locker-room afterwards, I actually saw a team that cares a lot. That might sound dumb but guys who played well genuinely were down because of the team result. A lot of fellows took it pretty hard. There are always some guys who baffle you, but the genuine mood was actually impressive; more than it has been after recent losses.
• Calgary did a good job of getting after B.C.'s pivots. Seven sacks were a season high.
MP Calgary Herald

It was a sloppy game 2005. I liked the way Sankey played for you guys. Have to apologise for the Jimenez hit. It was in front of us. Hate to say it, but, it was a dirty hit, Low, across the back of the legs.

I expect the Rider fans will be calling us the "Dirtiest Team" in the league now! :roll: :roll:

Hard to gauge anything into this game. Both clubs substituted their starters often.

Yes it will be unfortunate but this hit will be front and center. We had many answers from that game. Guys that will have a future with this club. And the fact we now have someone that can step in if there is an injury to Burris. I am disappointed that we did not get to see the BC kid at running back. J R Tolver I am excited about he had a great camp but got beat out by the guys that are in place now. But with him in there we do not lose a step. Simonton the running back should be running back kicks but I think he is to small at RB and does not block well. A couple of new comers on the Dline were pretty good as well. I am sure this was a good game for both to check out what they have available to them during the play offs. Gargiulo is one heck of a good kid that is usually always out helping someone. To bad this hit may have ended his career he is a good guy.

It was a nothing game. Didn't hurt us at all.