Thoughts about the Montreal/Lions showdown?

That should be one hum dinger of a game. I am not holding my breath that Montreal will beat B.C. In 2007 B.C. lost only 3 games of their 18 games... same as Montreal this season. B.C. had an excellent team back in 2007 just like Montreal does this year. B.C. still got taken out by Saskatchewan in the Final!

B.C. appears to have avoided serious injuries in their meeting with Hamilton. They will have a healthy and pumped Printers with a very capable Lulay as back up. Mallet is a powerhouse. And Smart and Grice-Mullen are dyn-o-mite! And then there is Arceneux, Paris Jackson, and Simon of course. It is amazing how the D turned things around too. I guess the H1N1 has come and gone. The offensive line has to do something about those procedure calls.

DO NOT BE SURPRISED WHEN B.C. PUTS MONTREAL AWAY AND IS IN THE GREY CUP IN CALGARY. It will be a fitting ending to an odd ball season.

Montreal has troubles beating us, and we have proven we can beat them, or keep it close. So I say a good game ahead of us, but we will win.

As long as we stay disciplined and dont take stupid penalties. They say in order to be the best, you got to beat the best, so might as well take care of the als if we`re going to be hoisting the Grey Cup.

The keys to the Als success is Cavillo making quick reads and getting rid of the ball. Lions need to be disciplined with their blitzing so they don't get burned by Cavillo's quick release.

I'm confident Printers can move the ball against the Als defence — just like he has in his three previous starts. Should be a good one.
I'm sure it's not a match-up the Als wanted and now they have the weight of a 15-3 season on their shoulders of trying to get to the cup against a BC team that has shown it is capable of beating anyone in the league when firing on all cylinders.

haha bitter much?

its in the bag - kc will have another week to mend and can run like an antelope compared to poor old Calvillo. ask yourself if you would switch qb's with calvillo if you could. I don't think so. Coburn will be the key.

Oddly enough, I have more confidence in the Lions chances against Montreal than I had in their chances against Hamilton. If the Lions can harass Calvillo then I think Montreal's offense will be done like dinner. Printers has proven he can lead the Lions offense to getting the job done. I can hardly wait!

The biggest issue I see with BC handling Montreal is on the defensive secondary and linebackers in pass coverage. BC is prone to letting the opponents make catches and then tackle rather than break up passes at or before the catch with good coverage. This plays into Montreal's quick-release, possession-type, pass game. I'm concerned Cahoon is going to have about 20 catches. The only way to get to Cavillo is to make sure his receivers are exceptionally well-covered - our biggest problem area this season.

On the ground or in the air, the Als have a very balanced offensive attack. If AC is not pressured, he will kill you with those 8-12 yarders to Calhoun.

Aweh, is cats a bit mad we knocked his own team out? btw, you got your own forum, why you always on here?

Lions have to stop Colbourne and put lots of pressure on Calvillo. If Montreal gets Colbourne going, we are in big trouble.


that was the same with Cobb and Hamilton. We sacked'em 5 times and took real good care of Cobb - Big trouble for Coburne and Calvillo.

I'm not sure why the Man crush all of a sudden with Printers is ? He's won 1 game in 3 . I suppose it's nice to get behind your Team, And I have to Cheer for the Lions now, but remember this is the Same Guy everyone in this City dumped on when he left for KC and Cheered when he failed . I honestly think when the Lions are down by 14 at the Half Printers will be going down with some kind of injury late in the 2nd Quarter.

wrong again

Without taking anything away from the Lions, or intending any disrespect to Hamilton fans, the Alouettes are a better team than the Tiger-Cats in all phases of the game. You won’t it nearly as easy to pressure the QB and stop the run against us.

The thing you are forgetting my friend is that the last time the leos and the als met, we mostly shut down cobourne and we sacked calvillo two times. The two keys for this game for the leos are getting hits on calvillo , and making sure that the magic between Casey and his receivers stays good.

For sure orangeandblack. Montreal does not have this game in the bag by any means. Their record would suggest that they should win it and the Leos are certainly going in as underdogs but this will not be the first time a first place team with such a stellar record gets eliminated should the Lions prevail.

I will be so looking forward to Grey Cup game if B.C. wins this Sunday.

What I hope will not happen is that Montreal pulls out a win with a last second field goal or something similar. That would be a real bummer. :cry:

You guys should really be pumped up for the East Final. It is going to be very hard for the Als to overcame the Lions. After all, Lions have the officials on their side.

one of these teams will not play like the other 8)

Well, we also shut down Mallett in that game after letting him run wild on us in game 1. We'll see. :slight_smile: