Thoughts about the Damon Allen Quarterback Challange

I thought that it was a bit better run than the one 2 years ago . I do however think that the announcer could have kept up to date on who won each even and such .

It was nice to see the guys down there having some fun before they start the season and the serious stuff starts .

It looked like Ricky Ray's hamstring problems are still there though . Oh well Jason is always there for a backup .

My real complaint was the announcer himself .He must have thought all of us here in Hamilton was hard of hearing as he seemed to holler into the microphone all afternoon . I actually left early because I got a pounding headache from it . I could still hear him when I reached Sherman Ave. while going home . Plus the fact he just never shut up and just was not as entertaining as he seemed to think he was .

i found he announcer - brian nugent - to be pretty good.

my only complaints were the little kid who kept yelling ‘BREAK THE RECORD!!!’ for every participant for every event the whole day, and his parent didnt tell the kid to shut up.

oh, and that guy yelling for the go-kart driver to remove his helmet over and over for the last 2 events. and the same guy yelling for that lady on the field to smile at him over and over…i think it was abit early in the day to be hammered.

other than that, i thought the say went well.