Thoughts about the Bombers/Lions showdown this past Friday?

My wife and I were at the game and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The Lions are picking up just where they left off after winning the Grey Cup.

Standouts for me were: Bighill, Lulay, Harris and McCallum. What was particularly evident was the disciplined game the Lions played. Very few dumb penalties. Bighill is very fast and when he goes after the QB or ball carrier he closes in for the kill with lightning speed.

McCallum was kicking well as usual [except for one miscue]. Lulay gets better with every game. If he can't find anyone open he makes the down himself. Brown was being contained well by the Bombers but was able to break out for a couple of great gains.

Too bad Pierce got injured and Brink had to come in for the second half of the game but this is why the Lions had to release Buck. He's a dynamite QB but is prone to injuries and you never know if he'll play the entire game. He's got to be frustrated. I don't think Brink can get the job done. He makes some good plays but was almost intercepted 5x last night.

Nice to see Geroy get the much deserved accolades for breaking Stegall's pass reception yardage record. Now every time Geroy makes a catch he simply adds to his own record.

I'm concerned about the Lions' down field coverage after kick offs and punts. The Bombers' Washington almost owned the Lions and was able to run with impunity most of the time he caught the ball. The Lions will have to fill that hole up- and quickly.

They didn't open the roof last night! What gives? $600 million for a retractable roof and it isn't opened on June 29th ???

Congrats to Benevides on his first CFL win as a head coach!

Decision to close roof has to made many hours in advance. Perhaps, premature weather forecast of showers prevented roof opening? Deja vu game as BC and Winnipeg have same strengths and weaknesses as in 2011. Punt coverage continues to be BC's weakness as no team is perfect. At least rest of special teams look solid.

Solid first win for the boys in orange and white. But there are certainly things to work on: cover teams were a bit sloppy at times. We gave up more yards on the ground than I would have liked. Lulay looked very composed and I continue to be amazed at how far he has come as a player in what, about 27 starts? I was a bit surprised that TSN had him in first place above Calvillo in the top 50 players list. I mean, play for 15 years, get more than one championship ring and hold the record for passing yards, then I'll rank him ahead of AC.

Very happy to see Simon get the record in front of a hometown crowd. Had that throw from Lulay not wobbled its way to Simon he might have scored. What a class act and consistent performer he has been, on and off the field. And I'm happy he won't be pestered every day by reporters now that the record is behind him. If he stays healthy for three or four more years he could set a yardage record no receiver will ever match. And he should break the great Alouette slotback Ben Cahoon's completions record, either late this year or early next year. And he sets a new yardage record every time he catches the ball!

I agree with Beaglehound about Buck' injury. That guy is just unlucky as far a injuries go. Hope he'll be back soon.

Dooger in Surrey :cowboy:

It was great to be there to witness Simon's catch. I was glad it wasn't called back because of some dumb holding penalty which is often the case in those scramble plays. I thought Simon's acceptance speech was a class act, especially when he acknowledged the Blue Bombers organization right off the top.

Like you say dooger, every time Simon makes a catch he adds to his own record. The closest player to Simon is almost 3 MILES away in yardage! Forgot the guy's name. I think he plays for Calgary but I may be mistaken. Anyways he's about 5,000 yards behind. The guy would need something like 3 consecutive 2000 yard seasons to beat Simon's record- and that's if Simon doesn't add more to the record himself. I think his record will go unchallenged for many many years.

I guess Ben Cahoun's record is next on Geroy's most wanted list!

"Decision to close roof has to made many hours in advance"~ by thirdperson

Why thirdperson? It only takes 20 minutes to open [or close] the roof. At the newly revamped stadium opening night last September the roof was opened for all to see. It was opened after everyone was seated down and took only 20 minutes, if that. I don't understand why the decision would have to be made hours before game time.

because if it starts to rain-even a little bit, the aren't allowed to close it so as of now, they always error on the side of caution and keep the roof closed if there is even a slight chance of rain.

Thanks EVM. Just googled the article. What a bummer :>( It was quite hot in the stadium Friday night. We could all have used some fresh air.