Thoughts about Stubler not being with Lions in 2014?

My understanding is that the Lions were thrilled to acquire him from Edmonton. He came with a very impressive resume. Was this decision made simply to shake things up or were there other reasons? The Lions did not perform as well this year compared to the previous 2 seasons but I think it had more to do with a suspect O-Line, not the defence. Perhaps I'm wrong.
I'm concerned that the Lions will be going into the 2014 season with not just a new offensive coordinator but also a new defensive coordinator. Hopefully they will find top notch replacements. Regardless they will need to fix the O-Line problems because if the guys can't execute well it doesn't matter how good the coaching is.

Who knows the real reason (except Benevides and Buono) but as far as Stubler's performance as DC there were some issues last year on giving up the "big play" on both run and pass even though overall ranking was pretty good. However, I would generally blame the players on the field for missing their assignments as opposed to the DC deploying the wrong scheme. Perhaps the HC and GM DO think it was the schemes and personnel packages.

Great topic Beag.

I think Stubler's ill-fated move of Keron Williams to defensive tackle made little sense. But t we have to remember the team was expecting far more from Julius Williams than he could deliver, largely due to injury. At times our linebacker were getting picked off in the wash or failed to get to the QB, basically turning us from a three-level defense to a two-level defense. Stubler never seemed to spy rushing QBs, especially Durant, even after he burned us with runs out of the pocket in all four games we played them this year.

Was our D on the field to much this year, due to multiple injuries along the offensive line and when Lulay went down and Demarco came back to earth after some early success.? Yup. Did they look confused at times, unable to adapt to what teams were throwing a them? Yep. Do they play too much zone in the secondary? Yeah, that too. Despite all those issues they still gave up the fewest average yards per game. So it was a mixed bag with Stubler. Ultimately he walked the plank, just like Chappy did, for his failure to get his players to be good enough to make it to the Grey Cup. Everybody is accountable and clearly Wally and Bene think they can do better elsewhere. I keep hearing Paul LaPolice might be BC's new OC and I haven't a clue who will get Stubler's job.

On a somewhat related topic, all eight CFL clubs will take additional personnel hits this week, in the expansion draft for the RedBlacks. Ottawa will get three players from the unprotected group on all eight other CFL teams. My guess is we'll lose at least one offensive and/or defensive linemen plus either a linebacker, back, receiver or a defensive back. Look for Ottawa to chose veterans the Lions chose not to protect: guys like Kabongo, Valli and Jermaine Reid, McKenzie, Phillips, Banks and Phillips.

If Ottawa drafts well they'll have enough viable starters to at least be as competitive as the Eskimos and Bombers the first year, hopefully better the next two years. And they'll be able to find additional players through the CIS Collegiate Draft. They get the number one picks in 2014 and I think 2015 and they will no doubt run the same kind of free agent camps BC does in the Spring. So in a couple years they should be competitive, unlike the last time Ottawa tried to rejoin the league.

What would the CFL be without constant player and coach movement?

Merry Christmas Beag, and best of health and happiness in 2014 and beyond.

Dooger in Surrey :cowboy:

Great insights there Dooger. Let's hope the Lions are in the 2014 Grey Cup!

Merry Christmas to you and yours. Stay safe and treasure each day, one day at a time.

Just a quick update to my previous post.

I just heard former BC and Montreal defensive halfback and BC position coach Mark Washington is BC’s new defensive coordinator. Yesterday Paul LaPolice said he wasn’t interested in the BC job at offensive coordinator, so that is still an open position.
Can’t wait for expansion draft, when teams will learn which of their [layers they’ll lose to the RedBlacks.

Dooger in Surrey :cowboy:

What are your thoughts about Washington? As good as Stubler? Better? The best the Lions could get?

I think nay have had a lot to do with the LB position. having both BigHill and Elimian on the team needing to get both those great talents on the field at the same time may have came with some trial and era schemes that included Bighill at Will playing a 3 - 4 with a blitzing LB that may have not gotten to the QB on time. 3-4 with keron Williams at a NG type spot.
All great all star players but not all playing in positions they were used to at times.

Even when he was still playing, Mark Washington's teammates said they knew he'd become a defensive coordinator someday.They said he has the mind for the defensive game to create a game plan, coach that plan during meetings and in practice and execute it during games.

Will he be better than Stubler? Well, Stubler won two championships as the DC with Toronto in the 1990s. Mark Washington hasn't even coached a down yet as DC, so we'll just have to wait and see. Can he can improve upon what was already the best defense in the league as far as yards given up per game under Stubler in 2013. Clearly Buono and Bene think Washington is an upgrade, or they never would have gassed Stubler.

All around the league we've seen older coaches giving way to the next generation. Wally gave Bene the reins two years ago. Hewie Campbell's son Rick is Ottawa's new head coach.Scott Millanovich took the Toronto head coaching job from Jim Barker. Dave Dickenson has excelled the last few years under Hufnagel as offensive coordinator and will likely be the guy who takes Huff's job at some point. Tim Burke's firing after another brutal year in Winnipeg gives Mike O' Shea the HC job in Winnipeg. We'll see Edmonton sign a new head coach sometime in the not-too-distant future. Edmonton will hire a new field boss as soon as possible, perhaps in January. Etcetera etcetera.

So Washington is just another part of the trend of renewal at some of the key coaching jobs. The CFL is famous for its annual exodus, the game of musical chairs that is the changing of players and coaches during the off-season.

Dooger in Surrey :cowboy: