Thought our D played better tonight

On second thought, I agree with you that Tisdale didn't 'struggle'. He had a few lapses, took one or two dumb penalties, that's all.

And yes, AMG, I agree that any swipe at a helmet should be an automatic ejection. Not sure how the refs missed that. But McKay-Loescher can't be diving like a soccer player. Especially when you're a defensive end, you give the position a bad name. :slight_smile: :wink:

I was most impressed that the defence only gave up 3 pts in the second half.

I disagree. They were much better against Edmonton. E has a much better offence and our own offence was inept that night, putting the D in terrible situations.

Boy, I never realized that!

Thanks for pointing that out. So obvious and yet I never clued in.

Those turnovers were great, weren't they?

after the half time adjustments i felt that was best half of the year.
i didn't like the zone we were playing in the 1st quarter.
i will say that was the most aggressive we have played.