Thought our D played better tonight

Good pressure on Joseph all night even though they let him get away on a number of occasions. Coverage was much better at times resulting in knockdowns and interceptions. I think most of our success was the result of pressuring joseph.

Oh yeah, adequate pressure will always help coverage.

You're right, the D was huge in this win.

I'm glad to see less of the three man rush! i hate that, it gives the QB too much time to tear us apart

ABSOLUTELY !! And you are RIGHT, it ALL started with the PRESSURE up front.

Great game D !!


It's no coincidence that it was tied at the half, given the lacklustre defense in that half, and when they made the PROPER halftime adjustments the Cats began the romp in the second half

People on these boards would like you to beleive the Win was about Williams.

It wasn't. He did what a Back-up is suppose to. Played a good game.

This Win was all about the defense.

The DBs played a TON closer in coverage in the second half.

And how about that hit!!!

the d played good but id say they only played good. Tisdale looked horrible out there almost all game and Gordon still got burnt a few times.

Im not trying to bring things down because i thought they were better but i would still like them to get better.

D was the best I have seen it this year. Gordon is still the weak link, but the team seems to be able to help him more.

There were a few good hits last night. Those are the kind of hits I remember from the days of Mosca and crew. That is what made me a TiCat fan.


Gordon is a fine cornerback.

He had some nice hits. He broke up a TD pass to McNeil (sp?) on some terrific coverage on a guy with a significant height adavantage. That play held the Argos to a FG.

Every CB will give up some completions. it's the toughtest position in football.

argos too like we have before abandoned their running game and that helps and we were able to key on kj every play and for the most part contain and keep him in the pocket where he's less effective in a passing game.

Yeah, Arland Bruce was not even noticed out there. He was pretty much shut down!

I guess it might have helped that they had injury problems with other receivers.

Agreed Kirk. If there was a "weak link" in yesterday's game, it was the rookie Tisdale. Gordon was bad in the first game against Montreal and against Calgary, but so was the entire team in each of those games. Other then that, Gordon has been solid.

Now on to Tisdale....he wasn't that bad and actually was pretty good in man-to-man coverage, but he had a few rookie mistakes. He took a bad penalty that cost us points in the 1st quarter. He also basically just stood there and didn't touch his man after a catch on our 2 yard line, allowing him to get up and pick up another yard. But I guess you have to expect these things from a rookie corner. If I had to pick a "weak link" it would be Tisdale, but Gordon is becoming a very good DB.

But based on everything in these threads I've read today...Tisdale should start next week because we won and held the Argos to 21 points.

Bradley should sit until Tisdale has a bad game. :roll:

Good effort by all. I still think we need a more effective DE other than Mc Kay and a fire plug type player that can stuff the run.

Your secondary played its best game of the year so far IMO. Robinson and Thompson were all over the field, Glasper was delivering the big hits, and Gordon was generally solid. Tisdale struggled but as others have mentioned he's a rookie.

The one thing I didn't like was McKay-Loescher delivering his Oscar performance -- dropping like he'd been shot when the Argo player took a half-hearted swipe at the side of his helmet. The league doesn't need that kind of embellishment.

By the logic that's being tossed around, you're right! Also, Caulley had a good game too. Why bring back Lumsden is he's ready? Go with the HOT hand.

Good one, hendy.

You hit like a bomb from a stealth jet.

They will never know.

Hey, I'm with you man. I didn't know what happened until I saw the replay on TSN later. I think Mckay was auditioning for Brazil for the next World Cup. And if Brazil won't take him, Italy or Portugal will be all over that.

Anyways, as much as the dive was a joke, you can't take a "half-hearted swipe" (otherwise known as a punch or swing) at anyones helmet. They both should've been flagged on that play.

Agreed, except I wouldn't say Tisdale "struggled". That's overstating it somewhat, I think. He played well enough. Maybe not as well as the other DBs who hade good very games, but well enough.

I just may be splitting hairs here.