Thought I was watching...Mike Kerrigan

Great work…great win.
This guy reminds me of watching Mike Kerrigan, years ago.
5 TD’s…429 yards passing.
The Cats have finally found their starting QB.
No hype…No excuses…No half million dollar contracts…
Just the real deal.

:thup: :thup: :thup:


:thup: :thup: :thup:

I wonder what was going through Printers mind watching Porter and the team play as well as they did?

he was on the sidelines giving encouragement to porter and cheering his team on to victory.

From what I saw, Printers had his head in the game and he and Williams were doing whatever they could to help Porter be successful.


According to FYB, Printers is a "me first" kind of guy.. no way he'd be cheering the team on!

I wonder how many fans refused to notice that?

I believe that today was the first 300yd passing day for a ticat qb this year. I havent gone through all the stats but I think it is.

I saw that and was really impressed, but i've seen the same kind of thing from him every time he's been on the sidelines.

That is correct. I just checked the stats on Printers and Williams and neither have had 300 or more passing yards in a game this year. Williams came the closest with 293 passing yards on August 7th against the blue team this year.

He Tied Danny Mac Single Game TD Record with 5..
You can see Danny influence on This offence..

Danny and Marcel work well together. :smiley:

Actually, as I mentioned in the game thread, the single game TD pass record is held by Joe Zuger, who threw 8 TD passes in 1962. You can click here to view those records.

Not that throwing 5 TD passes is that bad... :slight_smile:

And yes, I think McManus, being a similar kind of QB, would be right one to coach Porter. I think it was said that McManus did mention to Porter that he needed to have a quicker release to succeed. And he was able to get his passes thrown quickly enough today.

They said on TSN that the last time we had 5 passing TD's was by McManus in 1999 so that's probably what the confusion is.

Now if we can hang on to QP.


Heck, yeah. Someone was making some nice calls on the O. First time this year that the Cats out coached the other team. Great clock management at the end of the game.