Thoughs on CFL

Alot of things have change here from the stupid Commisher to the league still have the same teams Again, Expanison is a priority to grow this league but sadly we are CHEAP.

…lol, what a concept eh?..the same teams year after year…glad to see the Doctor has allowed the internet to be hooked up again in the day room Duck, don’t get caught surfing for porn now…

you are crazy. i can tell you are one of the ones who thinks expansion is easy. its not as well as its very expensive. the league should, and needs to become stronger before it even thinks about expansion. look what happened with Ottawa... all it did was end up costing the teams $$$

I always thought that having the same teams was a good sign of stability, a start to having 8 healthy franchises.. then maybe think about expansion. Start up costs for a franchise is going to be expensive, so Im wondering where you get the cheap part from... this league cannot afford another disaster like the 2nd attempt to put a franchise in Ottawa.

Another expansion thread!
We haven't had one of these in 5-10 minutes!

ha ha ha ha here we go again some city is with out their Ronald Mcdonald! Gee these teams are the same year after year how boring! :lol: :lol: :lol:

My god!
The grammer is so bad i cant understand what he is saying?

i am sorry. that was mean. I apologize again. sorry.

Where are these magical teams coming from?

The expansion needs to be within Canada for it to sit well with me.
I am sure that don't mean much to you guys but, just throwing that out there.

Quebec city. >>>Who cares about the francophones ,the players will learn to deal with it<<<

Ottawa. >>>Call them the Senators and promote real good<<<<<

Halifax. >>>Make it a Maritime team kinda like New England get everybody in the area involved and even switch up your home game locations<<<

Alaska >>> Let them in. It will be our only chance to claim the land as our own<<<<

isn't it funny? calling the comish stupid when you can't spell commissioner.(or use the correct short form)

Expansion for now only seems likely in Quebec City and Ottawa.

Ottawa has a Stadium, QBC is the only city with a plan to build/upgrade a stadium to CFL standards.


The CFL is doing rather well right now, hopefully it won't be long until two new teams(say QBC and OTT) are in the league and then perhaps, just perhaps if those two teams do well then there will be a chance of a 12 team CFL.

But the goal right now for any expansion is Ottawa and perhaps QBC in 2009.

QBC actually has perspective owners and PEPS stadium could be 25K SEATS soon(over the next year - year and a half)

So be happy, go support your local team.

The French language will not be an issue…Ottawa is nearly 70% French speaking if my memory is correct.
I think the American players will like Quebec City. It is by far my favorite city to visit in all of Canada. It has a wonderful European feel to it. It is a beautiful city.
I have learned with the Quebecois, that a simple attempt at using French is enough to get a smile from them and they usually switch to English for me… if you just start jawing at them in English arrogantly expecting them to know it, just because that is what you speak, then some can get a little testy.
Another thing about Quebec… Damn are the ladies fine!!! by far the most beautiful women in all of Canada and lots of them. Even David Letterman calls Montreal “the City of Beautiful Women” and I cannot agree with him more. Maybe that is why Scott Flory whinned his way back to Montreal after the 'riders signed him as a free agent? (it will be fine, they now have Chris Best because of the trade)

Yah i have to agree with this. Americans will absolutely love Quebec City (except maybe in November) and the locals will like them too. They are generally very nice people who will go out of their way to be kind to you as long as you don't assume too much of them. They're really not that different than anyone else in Canada.

This would be a great place for a team. I bet they would really support it well.

English might not be Duckmonk's native language. I think we should cut him some slack.

Yes... poking fun at someone's spelling or grammer is not a cool thing to do. For all we know, he may be a new Canadian for who English may be a second language but has grown to love Canadian Football. We should salute him and not try to embarass him (In my opinion)

A couple of other websites that I post on will boot you if you start doing things like that, so I would put a stop to it.
As a friend taught me once: "you may be right, but are you kind?"

"you may be right, but are you kind?"

This is a good lesson Ox. Thanks for sharing that. I know I will try and keep that in mind with my responses from now on.

cheers to all

I dont know for sure but I doubt it.

I should have typed "Ottawa/Hull area"...

Ottawa probably has by far the largest French speaking population outside of Quebec. There are nearly 1.4 million French speaking people in Ontario (according to the federal government) and the vast majority of them are in the Ottawa area.

It wouldn't surprise me to find out that Ottawa is 70% BILINGUAL. Many anglophones would speak French as a second language.

Ok, I’ll bite.

Yes, expansion would be great but isn’t really required to keep the league going strong.for a long time to come.
Man, every once in a while I come up with some brilliant thoughts. 8)

Has it been that long? :roll: :roll:

I better go start one about expansion to the Gulf Islands.....Salt Spring, Galiano, Denman.... I could call it the IFL, Island Football League..... :roll: :roll:

Millionaires and Stadium Developers, please take a number, the line up is huge! :roll: :roll:

French as a First language is another thing, unless you do count Hull

.....valiant thoughts boys, but I can assure you he is very english-as-a-first-language kind, sure, why the heck not, but excuse those of us that can't help but poke at the lunacy that duckmonk writes about half the time.......