Those who saw Toronto's first interception

If you actually saw Toronto's first interception during the the Lions/Toronto game on Sept 15 please weigh in:

Let me tell you why I'm so disappointed with the league's all time receiving yardage record holder: Mr. Geroy Simon. Please note I've never had an axe to grind with Simon but after seeing what I considered a totally unprofessional, self-centred display on his part, my estimation of the guy has gone down a few notches.

The play in question?

Lulay had thrown a pass to Simon. Simon was somewhere between the Argos 35 and 40 yard line near the sideline on the Argo's side of the field [right where I was sitting so I could see everything very clearly]. He was being covered by two defenders. One of the defenders intercepted the ball just in bounds and began running. Instead of Simon going after the guy and trying to tackle him or knock him out of bounds he turned to the fans, stood on both feet with eyes fixed on the spectators and raised his hands high into the air as if to say, "Oh come on ref, get some glasses, pass interference." In the meantime the Argo's defender is scampering down the field and eventually a TD is scored on the play.

I could not believe my eyes! Simon simply gave up on the play and was more concerned about trying to sell a pass interference call than continue with the play until the whistle blew. I found this very odd because Simon would not have even known if a flag had been thrown at this point. He simply quit playing.

I'm quite ticked off with what I saw because it had the air of some guy who perhaps thinks that he can never be covered well enough to be intercepted and that if a ball is ever thrown to him that only one of two things can happen: either he catches it or the defender gets called for pass interference.

I'm not here to trash Mr. Simon nor post this so others can take the opportunity to do so but I do think Mr. Simon owes his fans and his team mates an apology for putting his pride and ego ahead of his team. I hope I've not over-estimated his character.

There was no pass interference on this particular play. Not even close. Simon was close enough to take a shot at the guy but just stopped playing. Unfortunately the play ended up in a TD. An unprofessional, immature and selfish display in my opinion. I hope he takes some ownership for this one way or another. I'm just surprised that a guy playing at the level Simon plays would ever make the game about himself. And that in my opinion is what he did.

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Oh FYB. Cut me some slack. I’m frustrated and I’d like other Lions fans to give me their take. Maybe I should have posted it here instead on the CFL talk forum but I was hoping for as much exposure as possible.

Beaglehound you are exactly correct-- Simon's character is pretty clear, he is cocky, look at him, the way he carries himself, the whole SUPERMAN bs--

Before I comment on your post I do know this--

SIMON is out of the lineup, everyone is getting the ball spread around and the LIONS blow out the ALS and look great on offense--

SIMON is back and the LIONS become the GEROY SIMON SHOW-- Every pass is to SIMON-- First of all SIMON cannot take any contact at 36 years old - he will drop the ball every time-- He also has no speed to get open-- He is always covered very tight, but yet every pass it seems is for him-- LULAY obviously feels obligated to throw the ball to him-- Watching SIMON he is not a #1 receiver anymore-- Most of the passes are nowhere near being complete--

SO SIMON comes back and the LIONS ALMOST lose the game-- WOW-- It was because LULAY was not using BRUCE and GORE enough---

SIMON is a me first player- its pretty clear-- He is not a friendly person, you can tell by his demenour- His head is inflated because he has the CFL records but he is old now and not a threat really--

NOthing surprises me about SIMON-- I will believe you BEAGLEHOUND because I already know that SIMON does complain to the refs and does nothing--

THe INTERCEPTION by EDMONTON to win the game also bounced off his hands because he had a little contact and he also did not run after JOE BURNETT--

"Beaglehound you are exactly correct-- Simon's character is pretty clear, he is cocky, look at him, the way he carries himself, the whole SUPERMAN bs" Gridiron

Personally I don't have a problem with the Superman shtick. It's his trademark just like Bruce likes to do the Spiderman thing.

I did find it interesting how frequently Lulay went to Simon in the Lions/Argo game after Simon sat out a game. The Lions can get the job done without Simon. They proved that against the Als the week before. Personally, I think Lulay went to Simon far too often. I cannot figure out why Bruce is not utilized early in the the game.

I'm also starting to watch a little more closely what happens when Simon catches the ball. One of your observations is that Simon makes very few yards after catching the ball. I think you're right. One of the other fans I was sitting next to made the same observation so I watched more carefully.

Geroy is still a threat and can still run good patterns to get open so he remains a valuable asset to the team but he remains Lulay's primary receiver and I think that needs to change. Gore is sensational. E. Jackson is very versatile. Bruce, I cannot say enough about.

I made an error in my initial posting when i said the interception Geroy did not respond to ended up in a TD. It didn't. I got it confused with the play where Harris fumbled the ball and Huntley scampered down the sideline for an eventual TD.

The play involving Geroy came a series or two later and involved Carroll intercepting the ball. He went out of bounds within seconds. Some figured Geroy would not have had time to react but I maintain Geroy had no intentions of reacting because the replay clearly showed Geroy immediately throw his hands up in the air in disgust basically quitting on the play. Given where Geroy was looking, he did not even see the Argo go out of bounds until after the fact. Maybe Geroy needs to be thankful the guy stepped out of bounds after intercepting the ball because had he not he would have been long gone with Geroy grandstanding and looking up at the fans.

So the Lions almost lost because Lulay was throwing only to Simon and not using Bruce and Gore? Were you even watching the game? Gore finished the night with a TD and 96 yards. Bruce also had a TD. Lulay is one of the best QB's that progresses through his reads and throws to the open receiver. Sure Simon is a bit older and not as fast as he use to be, but he can still beat you one on one. Lulay was guilty in locking onto Simon earlier in the season, but for the past several weeks he has been spreading the ball around really well.

Why do teams continually double team Simon? That's because he's still a threat. He may not be the 1800 yard MOP receiver anymore, but I bet you he will crack 1000 again.

Not sure why you are attacking his character too. Just because he's not Jason Clermont after a TD, doesn't mean he's a bad guy or a bad leader. He's been in this league for so long because he's always hungry. Can't say that about every receiver that has played in this league. Right now on the team, he's still a top receiver and considered a threat by most teams.

Geroy is a very good player, we all agree on that point. However GEROY is not heads and shoulders better than the rest of the LIONS receivers.. By the way most of the routes he is the PRIMARY target you would think that either CHAPDELAINE or LULAY feel that SIMON is better and he should be the primary receiver--

Its clear when you watch the games that SIMON cannot beat the other teams best DEFENSIVE BACK- HE cannot do it, if the other db plays man to man, SIMON gets tangled up or doesent have the speed to get open deep- He also gets outmuscled also--

The KEY Stat is TARGETS and COMPLETIONS-- If you watch the games lately SIMON is targeted numerous times but he is not getting completions-- I have no problem if the LIONS want to target SIMON many times in a game, but then he needs to get completions and beat his man-- SIMON cannot beat his man enough to warrant 10+ targets per game---

IF other teams are paying extra attention to SIMON, then why are we throwing the ball to SIMON then? WHy arent we going to other receivers who are SINGLE coverage, why are still forcing the ball to SIMON.

IT is becoming a problem, we have too many other good targets that there is no need to force the ball to SIMON. The game vs WINNIPEG the same thing happened- The offense turned in to the SIMON vs Johnathan HEFFNEY show, the offense was abandonded and it was SIMON vs HEFFNEY-- LUCKY for the LIons SIMON burned HEFFNEY late on the deep pass to set up the game winning FGOAL---

I agree with some things you are saying Gridiron. In fact both you and Almo 89 make a good point about Simon being double teamed. A guy doesn't get double coverage unless he is posing a threat. Simon does still pose a potential threat but when this happens it means another receiver may be open. Lulay does end up throwing into double coverage which doesn't make sense to me. It's like when he's made up his mind about throwing to Simon it's going to go to him no matter what. This is where I think Travis needs to improve his game sense and be more aware of what's happening on the field.

I agree with Almo89 about Simon beating his man one on one. He often does but he is not making many yac yards compared to what the other guys like Gore, Bruce and E. Jackson are doing. I agree Simon is getting the ball way too many times in a game and the other receivers are being under utilized. For the past several games Bruce has been outstanding but the OC and Lulay wait much too long to make use of him. Interestingly that when they finally do pass Bruce the ball the guy makes incredible catches and has often bailed out the Lions when in trouble. Why not use him right from the start?