Those who do not learn from the past ar doomed to reapeat it

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good luck to the Blue team

If the Argos give Hamden a tryout, they won't be the first CFL team to give an ex NFL qb an opportunity......

^^^^^ It's only worked twice, Doug Flutie and David Archer and maybe Billy Joe Tolliver as well.

Hamden will work out as well as it did with T.J Rubley and Mike Mcmahon

As a Bill's fan, i've seen bit's and piece's of Hamden's QBing abilities and regularly watched his online Bill's insider show, Hanging 10 with Gibran Hamden.Always been a fan, saddened that he never got a real shot in Buffalo.I hope the CFL does work out for him (if he come's here), even if he does become... uggh... an Argho.

Who knows maybe his talents and skill set are more suited to the CFL field and game. :?

You already have Hamden starting next season, he is not even guaranteed a roster spot. Can you only name 3 quarterbacks with NFL experience to succeed in the CFL? Danny McManus did ok as did countless others.

First of all Danny sat on the bench for how many years before starting? I'm talking about guys who were brought in to be the guy without any CFL experience, in this sinario it hasnt worked out except for the 2 guys i mentioned. Read the article, Hamden will still have an oportunity to be a third stringer in the NFL so obviously it means Toronto will have to give him one a large amount of money and guarantee him the starting job, which isnt hard considering they have no one else to compete with him for that job.

You can't forget Kerry Joseph Either. He was 29 when he came up here.

I can forget about KJ because he was a safety in the nfl and was brought in as an experiment and fight for a job and wasnt given anything right away.

What I am saying is that Hamden may not be the Argos starter, despite what the article says. The Argo qb situation is muddy to say the least. This does not automatically mean the Argos will pay him a large starters salary, again, despite what the article says. At his age, I also doubt he has many more opportunities in the NFL.

If he does come to the other Toronto football team (meaning the forgotten Argos), he will not be hailed as a messiah.

I will include the name Timm Rosenbach as an NFL qb who failed in the CFL as well..)