Those White Helmets are Awesome

they need to keep that all white look, they should combine the all white look with white socks and black hightop shoes to go with the old-school johnny unitas look. The ticats need to keep this look and bring in the gold jersey's once in a while.

I don't always agree with the playmaker but those new Ticat helmets are awesome.

they are classy and simple.

That stripe down the middle is awful looking but the logo looks cool. Its a different logo isnt it?

i love the logo, they just need to lose strip on the middle of the helmet and the stripe t the side of the uniforms.

What they really need to do is score a touchdown.

You guys must be joking. I hope to heck they never try anything this stupid again (i.e. cartoon logo). They could auction off normal helmets to raise money for literacy.

You think the proceeds will go to Maas' ability to read plays?

lol, section 23 i love your humour, i hope they never wear these all-white uniforms, the gold jerseys, just stick to black.

white helmets S***ED!,just like the team!!

The Cats uniform tonight looked ...


Sounds like I did the wrong thing. I was watching the plays and should have been looking at the uniforms. Rats.

Smiling Tiger??? OK…

as in it looked like the fans were on the feild and wearing them tonight instead of the players?

ok ok! awwwwwwwwsome!

ok ok! awwwwwwwwsome!

as in awwwwwwwww look how bad they're playing.

would love to see the whole CFl go to a 70's throw back for a stuff is cool now and again too...

God I hope the white helmuts are a one time deal. UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bring back the yellow helmuts from the 70's and 80's

Didn't like em...but never do like


And I hope the logo never gets used again. It’s s Karma boys. You messed with history and now it is bitting you in the butt.
I say re-instate the logo that is true, and life will get better !!!