Those two Alberta Teams looking mighty fine

Really enjoyed the game tonight, even as a pre-season game. D'Aqulle Williams is going to be a good one. How can the Eskimos not turn this team over to Franklin??? Some serious decisions are going to need to be made there in Edmonton over the next season.

For pre-season, It was a good game.
However, do not let the score be deceiving.

The D was a bit behind and the O is going against guys trying to make the team.
Still entertaining.

The main goal for the Stamps was to find the back up QB.
Word is Mitch Gale will be gone. Of the 3 he played the worst.

BTW, I watched the entire game. ( I have no interest in who wins the NHL Toilet Bowl )

I am with you, who cares about hockey especially the long drawn out year with 3 months of boring playoffs with the final in June.
After watching yesterday's very exciting pre season game, there were some decent QB's as backups.
But there is no question James Franklin as we know from last year is the real deal.
My Argos should try a big trade for him this year before he becomes a FA at year end.
Otherwise there is likely 3-4 teams that will go after him.

It was a great game, even if only pre-season. Both Stamps and Esks look to be very entertaining for the upcoming season, and I for one am really looking forward to it, moreso than in recent years for some reason. Hope I can make it to a couple more Stamps games this year.

Though I usually don't listen to Rod Black, I had to agree with him last night (paraphrasing), "this has just been a wonderful night, watching these two teams." Peewee got it right for once!