those superior NFL refs

if only we had such quality refs

from a MSN article

Another horrible week from the refs
Poor officiating was a storyline in at least three of Week 16’s biggest games. While the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the Houston Texans anyway, officials missed a blatant facemask by Jadeveon Clowney against Nick Foles.
In the New Orleans Saints victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers, Joe Haden was called for a shockingpass interference against Alvin Kamara, which set up New Orleans’ first score.
In their Sunday night victory over the Kansas City Chiefs, the Seattle Seahawks had a drive extended when Doug Baldwin drew a holding foul, despite falling completely on his own out of a spin move.
Sunday was rough on the referees. We’ve said that far too often this year. And as bad as the backlash is now, wait to see what happens if the problem isn’t fixed by the time the playoffs begin. We have less than two weeks and very little reason for optimism."

I have no idea what is or isn’t PI in the NFL, it’s just so inconsistent it’s not funny. Not saying the CFL is any different but with respect to PI calls, it sure ain’t inferior to NFL reffing in that respect.

in the saints game, me cheering very much for the saints, that was no PI in either league.

A crapshoot in CFL, NFL, NCAA, CIS whatever and whatever refs you get for that day. Baseball strike zone the same depending on the umps.

yeah, specially when the refs are human, gasp