Those Lions are roaring at 6-0!

Hey guys, I haven't been on for a long while because I've been working up in Kelowna without access to computer, so I'm going to welcome myself back to the forum here. No, I haven't been waiting for my Lions to go 6-0 before I post.

I'm really excited about the game this Friday against Calgary. I hear a lot of Stamps fans trash talking us, and I totally understand why they would. The Lions are at the top of the league, and everybody wants a piece of the CFL's only undefeated team. I'm hoping for a really good game on Friday, and may the best team win. What I'm also hoping for us for DD to play so I can see his completion percentage rise close to 80%. I'm still confident we can take you guys with Printers, but if DD plays I'm a lot more confident.

It's nice to see attendance strong in the CFL this season (except for Ottawa). I really hope the Renegades fans start showing up to games, as their team is one of my favourites. I love Paopao, and I respect a lot of those players. I'm hoping the Lions can keep up their strong attendance. 36,000 was impressive against Edmonton, and I'm hoping we can get close to that against Hamilton.

Finally, has anyone seen the new BC third jersies? Talk about sweet! I just got myself an Orange Simon jersey, but I may have to splurge and get our third jersey. It is truly a thing of beauty.


where can i see these 'third' jerseys????

i dont see them at

......I dunno about 'trash' talking, maybe more just spirited competitive bantering.....but your assessment RLR of us wanting to knock your club off it's pedestal is completely accurate......should be a great game, hopefully as close through four quarters as the previous one was through three.......with a slightly different outcome to ice the cake......

......good looking third jersey though.......

Roar Lions Roar.... Calgary fans trashing us? Hmm, I tink I may have seen 1 or two, but usually the Calgary fans are pretty good. (Predicting a Stamps win doesn't count as trashing in my books)

While you were away, both clubs played a great game two weeks ago at BC Place. For whatever reason, Calgary stopped giving Joffrey Reynolds the ball. (He was running well against us!)

BC's biggest weakness right now is our O-line. Too many hits on Dickenson and even Printers got hit a few times last game from Edmonton.

Should be a doozy, Calgary always plays BC well!

Sportsmen, I was at that Calgary game 2 weeks ago, and the Edmonton game last Friday. I have been in Kelowna but I have either watched all the games on TV, or listened to the ones I couldn't watch on the radio. I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the games this season, and hopefully attending the Grey Cup in November.

You are right when you say Calgary plays BC well, because they do. I enjoy watching BC/Calgary games, because they are usually good until the very end. I hope this week's game is no different, and that both teams give it their all. Of course I want the Lions to go 7-0, but I know it won't be easy. I respect the Stamps organization and their fans, so I am sure they will give us a tough test on Friday.

My prediction, of course, is a BC victory. I don't have a score in mind yet, but I will post one in a bit. 7-0 Lions? Let's make it a reality! Here's hoping that DD is back, and that Myers plays as well as he did last game. Here's also hoping that our Defence is as ferocious against Calgary as it was last week against the Eskimos.

Whos Going To Start? It Doesn't Appear That The Injury To Dave Last Week Is Still With Him But With Printers Getting The Win Does Anyone Think That He'll Be Starting This Week?

thats an good lookin third jersey...i would need to see it with the rest of the uniform before i can say which is the better LIONS jersey....but im no a big fan of the 'pure-orange' jersy they wear at home now...i woulda liked it with white shoulders, much like an NHL team.

BC is going to go 8-0, is that a new club record? However they will be 8-1 come August 27th. :smiley:

hahahahahahahahaaha........someone, wake unrealriders up

Bamboo, if Dickenson is healthy, there is no question that he will start. There is no QB controversy in BC. I agree that our third jersey is really nice. Even though I just bought our new home one, I may have to get our alternate because it is one sweet looking piece.

UnrealRiders, I agree that BC will go 8-0. I think they'll go 9-0 as well :wink:

I just can't see this BC team losing anytime soon. However, I will say, if we're going to lose, I think it would be this week in Calgary. If we get past Calgary, I think we're OK for a little while to come.

However, I don't think we'll lose this week in Calgary. I'm just saying that if we're talking about who has the best shot of defeating us in the next handful of games, I would say Calgary does. I will, however, still predict a BC victory. How could you not?

No offense intended, but what is the deal with capitalizing the first letter of every word? It makes it tough to read, especially on longer posts.

Just curious,

He's always done that. Something about someone pretending it was him once with his g/f or something.

Long story short: it's an identity-theft protection device!

good attendence and a great team , so far.

if i'm not mistaken... which i might be... but i think 6-0 is already a Lions record... to the best of my knowledge 5-0 was the best start before this year... that was done in 1985.. (also the year we won our 2nd Grey Cup)... could we make it our fifth in the year that we start even better?? :smiley:

as for when they will lose their first... i'm sorry to say Unreal that i don't think it will be the Riders... i think it will most likely be Edmonton on Sept 24th... after we go 11-0.. but i'm hoping for 18-0 this season.....i know... it ain't gonna happen... but i can still hope :lol:

The third Jersey is hot. I really like the paws on the shoulders. I wonder which games they'll wear the third jersey in considering we don't get a labour day game. ( Which sucks by the way.)