Those damn Riders! Always spending money!

Some proof that the Eskimos aren't the only ones who spend money! The Riders spend more!

TORONTO — The Edmonton Eskimos will likely be close to $500,000 over the 2006 salary cap when the final figures are tabulated.

“We will probably be around $4.2 to $4.3 million (in salaries),? said Eskimo president Rick LeLacheur.

The 2006 salary cap was set at $3.8 million, but there weren’t enforceable penalties.

However, if the penalty system was actually in place this year, the Esks would have been fined a minimum of $1.2 million and would have been forced to forfeit two draft picks.

That harsh hit explains why LeLacheur adamantly states the Green and Gold will play by the rules in 2007, which is when the penalties kick in.

“We’re budgeting to the salary cap next year,? he quipped.

The 2007 cap ceiling is $4.05 million, meaning the Esks will need to cut at least $150,000. But more realistically, the club will likely have to cut at least $300,000 to leave cushion room for injury problems.

The cost of new recruits during the year will need to be a budget item for teams.

Of course, these new rules start when the Eskimos will be in the midst of a critical renovation project, trying to add more punch to a roster that is clearly lacking in quality import talent.

Danny Maciocia and the rest of the Eskimo brain trust can clear plenty of cap room by hacking several aging veterans from the club.

But the Green and Gold will still need to carefully budget money and pick the right bidding wars to overspend in order to win.

Not on top

[b]While the CFL doesn’t publicly release team budget figures, it’s believed the Eskimos rank fifth in league salaries this year, well behind Saskatchewan and Toronto.

The Riders now expect to finish 2006 with more than $4.5 million spent on salaries, while the Argos will reportedly be at least $750,000 over the cap.

Based on the CFL’s rule sheet, Saskatchewan would have been smacked with a $2.1 million fine – which would be a serious blow to the community owned team.[/b]

That gives you an indication of the massive job facing new GM Eric Tillman.

Maciocia to Tabbies?

Danny Maciocia won’t say it to reporters because he genuinely wants to stay in Edmonton.

But the head coach opening in Hamilton has to be much more appealing than the possible vacancy in Montreal at the end of the year.

That is as clear as day.

There are so many obvious enticing factors for Maciocia with the Ticats:

a) close friend Jason Maas at quarterback.

b) very little immediate pressure to succeed compared to Montreal.

c) deep pockets at ownership level with Bob Young.

d) less extended family distractions.

e) Marcel Desjardins as general manager. Maciocia and Desjardins are good friends.

Maciocia put in a good word for Desjardins when the club was hiring as new GM earlier this year.

Finish lines

Don’t buy the speculation that Don Matthews could resurface as the head coach in Hamilton next year … From the bizarre-but-true file, when the Als re-introduced Jim Popp as its latest head coach last week, they actually brought back the only coach who has never won a game in franchise history. Popp lost both games he coached in 2001.


I think we've all known for years that the Riders have cheated on the cap, in an arrogant and futile attempt to win their first Grey Cup since 1989. It is only now, since we are facing an enforced cap next year, that it is finally revealed just how badly the riders have been cheating. Of course, the Eskimos, and every other team for that matter, are over the cap. It's just that most don't cheat to the extent of the riders. It will be interesting to see how this deep pocketed, free spending team will be able to survive next year, when they are no longer able to cheat, without paying stiff penalties. The riders aren't a very good team now, and they'll need to cut nearly $500K to get under the $4.05 Million cap next year. At least it will be an even playing field for all teams, and perhaps some of the more fiscally responsible teams will be able to compete with Regina for free agent salaries for once.

Just further proof that cheating doesn't pay, and money cannot buy championships. The New York Yankees of the CFL, aka riders, and their $4.5 Million budget are getting their a.sses handed to them 35 - 8 by Montreal, late in the 4th quarter.

Very interesting... the argos and riders are going to be losing many key players in order to fit under the cap next year.

Its missleading because many players received front loaded contracts this year. A team that WOULD have exceeded the cap this year may very well be fine next year. People are reading more into this. Also public owned clubs can't hide incentives like private clubs can. Its comparing apples and oranges.

That is pretty funny stuff, Larry.
After all, in the last few years, the Riders have averaged between 4th and 5th in team spending and have seldom every signed another teams freeagents, choosing instead to retain their own key personel.
In years before that, the Riders were consistly in the bottom tier in spending.
And for Esky, Edmonton has historically always been at or near the top in salary.
Just because they have a rebuilding year with more young guys, but still are 5th shouldn't be seen as much more than an aberation.

It is the Riders, as much as any team in the league which has pushed for a salary cap, and we are perfectly happy that finally, after decades of inaction, to finally have that level playing field you guys are talking about.

If the Riders are that far over, that was shivers trying to win before retiring. I heard close to 20 of the Riders are going to be free agents at the end of this year.

We will have 13 potential free agents at years end, with a number of others entering their option year.
To compare, we had 14 actual free agents last year, and those numbers aren't far beyond the norm for the Riders or any team.
Some teams, like Calgary, have taken advantage of the "signing bonus" loophole and signed a lot of guys to 3 year deals, with cash up front that will not count against the cap next year, but that method has advantages and disadvantages.
But most players sign either 1 or 2 year deals with an option, because they all want to take that shot at the NFL. And that means lots of players in free agency or options each year.
Anyway, Roy certainly did want to win, so he signed his key guys, but in reality, the Riders, while underachieving on the field, do have the talent, so being in the top tier in cap is consistant with the talent.
The bottom teams in cap last year all missed the play-offs, the top teams were in.
Fairly self explanatory there.
Plus, while 4.5 mill is well over the cap, all teams are well over the cap--this year, last year, every year. Fact is, unless there is enforcement, teams will and do go over.
The Rider payroll is not out of line with the rest of the league, despite what some said earlier in this thread.

It might be worth noting that, while true enough, Montreal thumped us this week, the Montreal franchise is rumoured to be one of the most vocally opposed to the implementation of a true salary cap.
Ironic, given Larry's comments.

Arius, I wouldn't waste my time responding to that guy. He appears to be the re-birth of a banned poster, whose main purpose in life is to irritate Rider fans. He tries to get a response, and I think it's best we ignore him till he grows up.

'Nuff said!

....where do you get your facts from I wonder? do realize that Saskatchewan, by their own admition, was second in salary spending in 2005 behind Edmonton?....more than Toronto, more than Calgary....interesting eh?'ve been brainwashed by the local media on the poor plight of the Riders when the whole time Shivers was going through a checkbook every week....

If you are all about facts, feel free to provide some…
I think we were around 4th last year, but even if we were second, I said nothing in my previous post that would conflict with that.
Perhaps you don’t know what the word “average” means"?
I know you can’t spell admission…
I am not denying we are at, or near the top this year. Someone will always be #1, right?
But most years we are not.
But we snagged around $650,000 a year in cap when we we picked up Joseph and Armstead.
Without those 2 guys, we would be under the cap right now.
And two years ago, Calgary was a bunch of unproven rookies.
It will be interesting to see how you fare with a veteran team.
I doubt you guys have much wiggle room yourselves, though we all know that Calgary is number one when using the “loophole” of signing bonuses.
Every team in the league is over the salary cap, and the difference between us and those spending less is a few hundred thousand at most.

Hey arseisus, If you were here long enough late last year your Board of govenors had openly admited they were 2nd in spending to that of the Eskimos! This is old news I guess someone woke you up in the long slumber you have had in the turkey barn. Many of the Rider fans will tell you that is a fact I am just wondering where you have been but judging by most of your posts it must have been somewhere with no TV, no newspaper and not internet. So the best place I could put you is in the turkeybarn! Sorry Turkeybend he is after all one of yours. So before going on with your false facts find the ones that are real not the ones that come off the top of your mind! :lol: :lol: You are a capable replacement for Kanga! Sorry Kanga!

You can't read, can you?

well if the Riders are spending so much money on players right :expressionless: IMO some of them are not earning there pay right about now :oops:

Can't argue with that!

…I don’t have to find anything fact-related for your lazy butt…your own BoG admitted it earlier this year when cap talks were begun…you continually spout off statements that when you are called out on try to deny it, or twist it to some other meaning (i.e. - the ‘forgiven loan’ discussion)…and insulting someone because of a spelling mistake is quite pathetic you know…

…you said, 4th or 5th…Riders were 2nd…second doesn’t equal 4th or 5th…even ‘averaged’ it doesn’t work because it was a ‘distant’ second…it’s still second, get it? number 2…deux, dos, zwei…

A couple of pretty confrontational guys, you and 2005, aren't you?
No big deal.
Maybe you need reading lessons, or a dictionary, or both.
Lets see if we can help you out.
I said, "After all, in the last few years, the Riders have averaged between 4th and 5th in team spending"
4th and 5th...over several years...not just one year...SEVERAL...get it?
If we were second last year, great. Does not particularly affect what I said, now does it?

....I only get confrontational in the presence of you have 'facts' then that show your team was second only last year?....because unless you do then I'd say there's a pattern there that spending trend has been around for longer than that....Shivers and your BoG's spent like mad to buy a winning team....

isn't this like arguing about who farted first? they're all farting, and they all stink.
so next year, level playing field, we'll see how it shakes out.
And while the Riders have been over the cap of late, no one can deny the Riders welcome the cap, as should all fans. Instead of pointing fingers, I'm more concerned about how teams will adapt. Pay cuts are coming, ala the NHL. Will the stars eat up most of the cap room, foring the rest to go with less? how will those players handle playing along side stars making so much more money. In the NHL, the stars are eating up all the cap space, leaving pitiful scraps for the rest of the team.
And as for the Riders, clearly there are many players too comfortable. Look forward to injecting some fresh blood next year to get them more from the players we have. I see Fantuz as being the leader of this team in a couple of years.