THOSE CRAZY............ CFL fans..........

The CFL season has just started and already the fans of SASK. , MONTREAL , EDMONTON and B.C. , here , and at other web sites, are saying because of 1 win that they are going to win the GREY CUP..........they can't all win the GREY CUP , so some one must be wrong.

AS , for the ARGOS, they actually lost regular season games last year and still won the GREY CUP.

Even the great EDMONTON teams that won 5 CUPS in a row , lost some regular season games.

As for the ARGOS winning the CUP, and all of those other bogus excuses, by some of those other teams fans......lets look at how .........B.C..... got to last years.......... GREY CUP..............

  1. In B.C.'S last regular season game vs. was proven that SASK.......actually won that game and that it robbed SASK. of home field advantage in the play offs. SASK. fans were really mad about that and rightly ,so.

  2. How did B.C. win the WESTERN FINAL?..........a missed field goal by a SASK. overtime.

  3. As far as TORONTO and MONTREAL is concerned , Montreal didn't have a proper back up , last year and it hurt them........that is all part of football.
    It could hurt them this year.

MONTREAL , also thought it would be a great idea to beat the ARGOS by 60 points in the last game of the regular 2004 season............

Great teams win ,when it counts.........and most fans don't endlessly whine about why the other guys won.

The FIRST ........ARGOS vs. B.C...... regular season game was a GREY CUP rematch and NOT..... the GREY CUP.............on this night , B.C. was the better team........but it was close ..........and could have easily gone the other way...............B.C. also was truly tested , but since the ARGOS had 6 sacks.......their O line needs some work............

The ARGOS' heads were NOT in this game and it showed. WE deseved to lose............ and B.C. still has a great team.

The ARGOS did have an unbeaten streak , but that is gone now.

It just seems to me that some sore losers at this site can't deal with losing and have 1 standard for the ARGOS and 1 standard for all other CFL teams.

Sorry to some MONTREAL fans , but I was not the cause of MONTREAL losing almost all of their big games..........blaming me , proves nothing .

Sorry to some EDMONTON fans , but the reffing in that game was bad.................and if you think that beating OTTAWA is your ticket to the GREY CUP........then you should wake up. :smiley:
You still have 2 great Q.B.'S.

Hate the ARGOS all you want , but please apply the same rules to all other CFL teams.............

I come here to have fun , not to have a few immature whinners , ruin it for me. :smiley:

Why apply the same rules for Toronto to all the other CFL teams when obviously the centre of the universe doesn't apply the same rules to the rest of Canada to Toronto.

I hate TO and anything to do with TO and there is nothing you can say to change my mind. Guess it must be a west coast thing.

As for the Grey Cup, I would have preferred anyone but the Argos to win the Cup. The better team for THAT DAY won.

Hello There…Educate me please… iN POINT #1, What do you mean that the riders should have won the last game of the season…what proof are you talking about?

So you are a racist ,as well…can you explain to all of us here …how ARGOS fans , have had anything to do with the media or the Government, beyond voting?

Can you also prove that TORONTO , is the centre of the universe? :lol:

It is no wonder HARPER, will never win.

TAPES , REPLAYS , TSN , ANGRY SASK. fans on the internet…remember that …I have always written that refs are part of the game , but I was giving an example, of how teams can sometimes lose games , because of blown calls…

Why not ask a… SASK. fan.?

THAT, GAME , IF ANY ONE GAME …caused the CFL…to try to improve CFL REFFING… and they are trying to do that this year… :smiley:

I'm sure am racist when it comes to TO. I don't deny that. Toronto is the centre of the universe cause Torontonians tell us that with their arrogant attitudes. Isn't that proof enough. The only people who don't see that is Torontonians. Harper doesn't win cause the Liberals have Toronto brainwashed and being of weak mind, fall for it.

You must be really well educated , tell me do you beat your wife and kids as well
?. :roll: :lol:

AND YOU SEEM BRAIN WASHED …yourself… :wink:

Maybe I do.

WOW ,what a surprize.


no surprise to me. It’s the west coast way. lol

I really don’t think that you are helping your cause. :lol:

Reading some of your posts, sounds like you’re a pretty sensitive guy. Get over it. If what I’ve said isn’t true about TO, you wouldn’t get so defensive. Most people would just blow it off.

Hello There,

What blown call are you talking about? I was at the game. There was nothing contoversial there, other than a face mask call that was argued about whether it was or wasn't. If thats the call you are refering to, then stuff like that is part of the game. Happens all the time. (Ask Ottawa fans about the catch in the 2nd quarter of the Edmonton game)

Nope, I just have some problems…with bullies and morons, as they do in ALL of CANADA…maybe you should stop listening to myths.Also ,kind of admitting ,that you beat your wife and kids on the internet, isn’t the smartest thing to do.

Ask a SASK. fan?..but is has something to do with the game clock.

Don’t listen to them, experienced them. I know it’s a generalization but what can I say just like people in Van. are all pot smokers. I dont’ take offence to it because it’s probably true.

When did I say ANYTHING bad about the WEST...........all the negitive things written here about a place were by a small few like you ,and some Montreal fans.

I love the WEST and the EAST. I have worked and lived in MONTREAL [great place]

Of corse it is not, if you hate people from, QUEBEC.

I have also lived and WORKED SASK. ........ALBERTA.......The 2000 GREY CUP was amazing.

I went to EXPO 86........and last year we spent our 10th anniversary in BANFF.............Western's are very cool people ........but there are some people who just want to ruin that image.

Time clock??? Don't remember. I think every stadium has been plagued by a "phantom clock" at one time or another. If thats whatsgot Rider fans bent out of shape....????

I don't care what you say about the West. The West is the Best.

MAYBE you should re read my last post to you again. :lol: