Those Blue Bomber cheerleaders are hot !

Check out these photo's, apparently the lead cheerleader had to resign because of the controversy surrounding them. I don't find them that bad at all.

[url=] ... M_ID=36376[/url]

Yeah so what's the big deal about the photos?

Can't these girls play around?

It's not like they get paid a huge sum of money to cheerlead. The Felions don't get paid anything or very little to appear at games...

Nice pics and I agree - even Bart Simpson has shown his butt on TV.

However as a heads up - folks with strict work place internet use policies may not want to click that link at work. Ya I know folks are prudes in Canada but even where I work that link would draw a suspension for viewing at work ( I work in the public sector ). Pictures 5 and 6 that is - not that I looked long enough to count them lol

googled it - um ah um - where is the video replays on that one?

First, this is about winnipeg cheerleaders. Why start a thread in Lions forum. Main forum or bomber forum is more appropriate.

Second, where have you been. This has already been well discussed both in ticats forum, and the main forum.

Where are the mods when you need one, sheesh.

Marty York reports jm02 is trying out for the Rider Cheerleaders and will be stepping down as mod.

8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

Sorry jm, couldn't resist! :wink: :wink: :wink:

truthfully I don't think there's 1 cheerleader anywhere in the CFL I'd kick out of my bed for dropping a POMPOM! At least The CFL has standards in this department!