Those awesome inspiring CFL videos...

Why doesn't the CFL advertise during the Superbowl? They know there is football fans watching? Is it the cost? Pony up the cash per team and start marketing correctly. While we are at it get those videos out into the local television markets and on the in stadium screens. They are awesome! If anyone knows how to get those from youtube onto an ipod or my computer that would be awesome!

If you don't know what i mean check out Fanzone, CFL on youtube.....

Why would the CFL advertise during the Super Bowl? The season doesn't start for another 5 months. Little early to be advertising...

Season tickets, Grey Cup tickets, corporate sponsorship, interest, etc, etc. thats what wrong with CFL fans we always think that if we just sick back and wait everyhting will be ok. Unlike those americans that get in your face. I’m not saying to do that but the CFL has to show the rest of Canada how great this league is. We don’t pump ourselves up enough. Dont care if its 5 months away, all the CFL offices are open now trying to get ready for 2010 season

Also there's the massive cost and would NFL fans care? Put money into making the Argos work first then worry about making the CFL popular in the US.

I only mean showing the CFL ads in Canada on CTV, not in the states.

Thats the problem with Canadians never thinking of the big picture. How much would an ad on CTV cost anyways durign the superbowl? you'd think being parterns with TSN they would get some sort of deal.

I think it's a good idea. You need to start marketing now. Build excitement.

Order tickets today!! Don't be left out!!

...who's your target audience?

a) Canadian NFL-only fans? Sorry, they're already aware of the CFL and dont' like it.
b) Canadian CFL/NFL hybrids fans? Already aware of the league, already buying the product.
c) Canadian CFL-only fans? Sorry, they're not watching the Superbowl.
d) Non-football-only-watching-for-the-commercials fans? Aint' interested (and why they're watching CTV ads one will never know).
e) My wife? Reading a book in another room, remotely aware there is a game on, couldn't care less. like other posters noted before, this idea seems like a money waster...

f) football fans that maybe by vouchers instead of season tickets, but then get revived up and see that the can sit in the Blue section at the RC for the same price of one leaf ticket.

May it would be a waste in Calgary, but in Southern Ontario were there is so many different sporting options you have to be aggressive.

I don't know... I'd say they're doing fine. I bought a Flex Pack with the Ti-Cats last season, and I've been getting regular e-mails from them since telling me about this promotion and that promotion. I've even gotten a couple phone calls from the Cats asking if I enjoyed the games last season, and if I wanted to purchase another Flex Pack.

Of course, this is only for people who are in the system...

I just don't see how placing an ad during the Super Bowl would be worth it. Apparently last year ads went for $117,000, and the price went up this year. That's a lot of money...

100% agree. As I mentioned in another post, I think the CFL has to embark on a massive PR campaign, particularly in southern Ontario in order to re-build the lost generation in Toronto and S.O. Many of the lost generation have turned to the NFL because they don’t know any better, or have been brainwashed by the American-centric media in S.Ont.

Can you imagine being the Argos sales guy who has to go out and try to sell a corporate partnership with the apathy that exists in the market?! Yikes.

I’d love to see a CFL commercial during a non CFL game broadcast just once in my lifetime, but to me it makes 100% sense to do it doing the Superbowl. You’ve got a football-oriented audience just waiting to be exposed to the CFL product. Its exacty the reason why CTV advertizes NFL games during CFL games.

If you want to promote the CFL, do it when the CFL is getting ready to start. I'd rather see CFL commericals during the NHL playoffs then the Super Bowl. If your going to spend money advertising I'd rather see it done in April/May/June then one day in February.

So does anyone know how to get those videos off youtube?

It's better to leave them on youtube and let their server store them for you, then just link to them. If you really need to copy them try Real Player's downloader that comes with the free app.

Sorry but what free app? I am looking to put it on my computer and then possibly my ipod.

But NEVER too early to educate the ignorant americans who know nothing about the CFL.

I have thought that the CFL should buy up entire commericial breaks on TSN (NOT DURING CFL GAMES, as everyone watching is ovbiously already a CFL fan at that time) and CTV, and show this video...

I know that a 4 minute commericial break would cost a lot but I must say that this is the most effective marketing video I have ever seen for anyting. I also must make it clear that this video worked on ME at the age of 22. Before I saw this video I would 100% ignore any and all Canadian football, I mean I would be watching Primetime with Bob Mccown and a CFL player or coach would come on and I would change the channel without thinking about it. Then I somehow came across this video around October of 08 and instantly fell in love with not just the CFL, but the CIS, i've also found that i'm paying attention to local highschool football scores in the papers. To sum it up, this video made me love and appreciate OUR GAME.