those amazing superior NFL refs

steal the game from the Saints through sheer incompetence on one play that should have been a most obvious PI on Rams inside their 10 which would effectively ending the game.

not to mention it was also a high hit if not helmet to helmet

That non call is disgusting! True incompetence at its best. The Saints got screwed! >:(

I haven’t been so angry about a football game in a long time, but to have an otherwise good game ruining by such a huge ref mistakes has totally pissed me off. Don’t anybody try to tell me how the CFL refs are inferior.

Brutal non call cost the Saints the game. I suspect there may be a headline like this again on Page 1 of the New Orleans paper tomorrow.

From me it’s about getting it right .

The NFL has a superior tech system and cameras to get it right .

When they don’t the CFL in my eyes is elevated .

I think I tried to express that one time here where the eye in the sky turned over two ridiculous calls in Ottawa and some hereI won’t mention their names didn’t understand it wasn’t about the refs it was about the CFL making sure the game was not tarnished by incompetence or a ref out of position or brain cramp .

The eye in the sky works if it’s used properly .

It is quality control . The NFL with all the money in the world can’t get it right yet our little CFL in my eyes does a pretty good job for the pennies on the NFL dollar .

…why does everything warrant a comparison?

I think it will always be that way . I think it actually helps both leagues if they get the best out of their games by taking the best from each other . Whether officiating or review .

One thing that I see minus 4 C weather and they fill the stadium in KC .

The field is heated properly so it’s not an issue game day .

I see this as a way to say CFL heat the fields and learn from the NFL in stadium field infrastructure .

The game was played at a very high level with Canadian November type weather .

I should also add I think that KC should have had a chance to respond with the CFL version of OT . We both can take away the best from each other .

I did not see this thread yet when i wrote earlier in another thread but the reffing in both games was putrid.

You want a comparison ? How about the NFL and the WWE ? The only difference is that the WWE at least admits that it’s outcomes are predetermined and that matches are fixed ahead of time unlike the NFL .

And for the record ? Yes I am a huge Saints fan and yes I am bitter and yes I am now officially convinced that the NFL is as phoney as the WWE . As the saying goes “Money talks and bullshit walks” and trust me when it comes to the NFL it’s all about the money as in how much has been bet on the outcome and point spread of each and every game . The bullshit is the NFL trying to convince everybody that it’s all above board , on the level and supposedly 100% legit !!! ???What a crock of Crap . It’s about as legit as a main event Championship match at Wrestlemania .

…no, I don’t, that was my point…

50 years of being told how great the NFL is and how bush league the CFL is warrants a comparison.

I never cut up that league down south when I was young. Why bother ? I knew we had a more exciting game but in order for the NFL fans up here to justify their bias, they had to constantly deride the CFL.

There is absolutely no excuse for that penalty not to be called. Maybe Bobo is on to something. It certainly looks that way. Watch it again. Pretty blatant. Even the guilty Ram player was expecting the flag. He only started celebrating when he realized there was no call.

…when I saw that play my first reaction was ‘oh, ref made a mistake’…not 'oh, ref made a mistake and I feel I must vindicate my preferred version of this sport because of this incident"…just saying…

Because there has been so much controversy over our league’s refs, the first thing I thought was their refs are just as bad even with all the money and hype. 50 years of being told they were better in all facets has given me that attitude.
I used to ask NFL guys “Did that player catch the ball better than those in the CFL? Did the QB throw better or the RB break through gaps better ? Did the kicker kick better ?” I never got a proper answer.
Billions of dollars involved and they are just as bad as our guys or else Bobo is right.

…shows we’re all human, mistakes happen…

Now your getting close.

70,000 KC fans @ average selling price of $360 = 25 million plus. Add tv revenue etc, etc.

Being successful is job 1. NFL is good at it.

Reffing is not easy. They do their best and it gives people something to talk about when they mess up. Thinking they would be in the high ninety percent of getting it right most games. Their replay resources are better.

If they played again tomorrow they likely sell it out again.

Overall NFL full-time refs are better and far better-trained than part-time more poorly trained CFL guys.

Both leagues have vagrant refs who are blind in one eye and can’t see out the other. More testing required before ref passport issued.

NFL has numerous review processes - including 3 review challenges per team, losing a timeout if the review is unsuccessful PLUS numerous non-team initiated challenges (in the case of turnovers, last 3 minutes, etc.)

That was a fantastic game yesterday (actually both were) but infested by warthog-minded officials in key situations.

My only suggestion. Teams retain their 3 official challenges - but one of them can be a challenge for pass interference. Limiting to one will force teams to conserve the challenge until the game crosses a critical time/score threshold.

Didn’t the NFL and CFL start a referee exchange programme a few years back to improve training on both sides?

Perhaps now the NFL is witnessing the results of such an exchange. ;D

Isn’t this the first year that some NFL refs (24, IIRC) are full time? Most of them are also part-timers, like CFL refs.

It’s a shame that given so many better and better-trained refs to choose from, they opted for your vagrant one-eyed refs for such an important playoff game.