THOR'SDAY night clubbin


by the numbers (ripped from so yell at them!)

Offence (total ypg)
2. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 377.6
7. Montreal Alouettes 353.3

Passing (pg)

  1. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 300.5 (wooohooo number 1)
  2. Montreal Alouettes 231.8 (interesting)

Rushing (pg)
2. Montreal Alouettes 121.5 (second piece to the puzzle)
7. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 77.1 (how are we not higher! looking at you Kent!)

Defence (total ypg)
4. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 355.3 ( but #1 in our hearts!!!!)
5. Montreal Alouettes 366.4

Passing (pg)
5. Montreal Alouettes 279.6 (3rd piece to the puzzle)
6. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 280.1 (quite inflated due to our scores of late)

Rushing (pg)

  1. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 75.1 (#1 with a bullet)
  2. Montreal Alouettes 86.8 (#5 means Austin can use it as an excuse not to run the ball :x )

so using a little sherlockian detective reasoning.

their passing sucks, we have 6 pick sixes and x amount of INT's
their rushing is great, our run defense is better.

their pass defence is meh.. our passing is tops in the CFL.
their run defence is good.. we don't run the ball :x

CONCLUSION... by mighty Zacks hammer we will crush thy dirty birds

trap game.

trap post!


The funny thing is that Thursday really is named after Thor. He's the only Avenger with his own day. If I had to pick another, I might change Wednesday (never did like that name) to Hulkday.

Agree that the Larks will get their feathers plucked and good by the Ticats. At least their players have learned from last season and have not - as yet - been providing any BB material a la Willis last week.

Personally I'm not concerned about the lack of rushing as we are STILL winning games without it. I know it can be crucial later in the season when the weather can be nasty, but by then we could have Gable back, and with any luck he can stay healthy through to the end of the season.

I know ! :wink:

its strange though, we've been up by so much and we still cant find a running game to help with the clock. its like KA isn't even trying to?!

this thread has already reached its post limits.

its suppose to work like this. I post a silly thread, everyone ignores it, than we win!!

lets not jinx it people!!

Isn't that when he put Grigsby into the Edmonton game though?

true he did play but we didn’t see him till what the 3rd quarter? than he got hurt :cry:

Hey... Wednesday is named after Wodin (Odin) who is merely Thor's bigger and badder daddy. He smash Hulk good!

About the Run Game in Sask we ran for 135 yards and if you look in our backfield u see Holley , sorry you aint running the ball with this guy lol how is he still here with Nic back God Only Knows

whoa whoa whoa, let Woden have his day, take away from Tyr (tuesday) or Frigg (friday) for Hulkday....

Moon-day Sun-day and Saturn-day can stay the same :wink:

Because Nic can't block worth cr$^!!! Seriously, on the few plays he was in where he wasn't handed the ball, he was as useless as (insert derogatory metaphor here), looking like a deer caught in the high-beams. I agree that Grigsby is the better pure runner, but until he rights this fault, Holley will be the starter. Why is it that you cannot understand this?

make some noise fans

they need to hear us on the top of Mount Olympus.

shameless bump lol

Weren't you the one complaining that people were posting too much?

clubbin... like the als are a baby seal.

:thup: some people just need other hobbies instead of posting trivial junk or creating new useless threads. It's gotten worse over the last year.

Thor lives in Asgaard. It's Zeus and the Greek gods that live on Mt. Olympus.

:P :P :lol:

People yes, me no!