Thorpe's replacement

With the new moratorium and the indigestion of teams to dealing with more movement, the Als likely have the choice between promoting from within or going after free agents.

List is pretty short

Coach Benevides
Coach Burke (left us in a lurch)
Coach Chamblin (living on the riders golden parachute)

I for one hope they add experience and convince local Benevides to join the staff. Last thing this team needs right now is a guy like Quick learning on the job.

Hurry up and get Benevides and then wait out Hervey and Maas and when they call calling for authorization to sign Thorpe, bleed them of two first rounders or let him go see Maciocia.

If the rumor is true about Anwar heading to Edmonton prior to the moratorium, I would promote Willis to DC, promote Anwar to D-line coach, and hire a dedicated DB coach. Claybrooks just became DC in Calgary with not that much more experience than Willis. Why not go that route and retain Stewart at the same time?

Hiring Burke would probably lead to Casey Creehan eventually coming as well.

Noooooooo! :lol:

Well, to be fair, we already have a LB coach (Quick) so it’s not clear that Burke could bring Creehan even if he wanted to.

I don’t know anything about Willis but the Als would know. I guess a lot depends on who benched Bowman. If it was Willis it would seem counterproductive to promote a guy who shows poor judgement and wasn’t good enough to the point that Thorpe left him behind…

But maybe he’s the company man and Thorpe avoided him because he knew he’d get turned down.

Popp will know. I trust him.

I really want to know who hired Quick… If its Thorpe he’s even more gutless than I imagined.

Well, Willis has spent three seasons here as a position coach, and was one of the few to keep his job after the Hawkins purge. He must obviously be doing well enough to be employed. If he’s not, if he’s the guy who benched Bowman, then we’re skrewed regardless of who becomes DC because nobody in football ops should be trusted to make good hires up or down the line.

I too would want to know who wanted Quick back. Was that Thorpe or Popp or both of them?

There`s the usual suspects, each with both positives and negatives attached:

  • Reed
  • Quick
  • Benevides
  • Burke
  • Mike Sinclair

Certainly don`t want Creehan or Chamblin.

My gut feeling is that it will be Kavis Reed.

I could live with any of Reed, Benevides, Sinclair, or Willis. I would be unhappy with Quick, Creehan, or Chamblin as DC.

Barron Miles could be another candidate.

Benevides isn't checkered, he was loyal to BC, even turned down offers. Wally skrewed him over, I remember reading and seeing pictures of him constantly at practice and sniffing around. He'd be an awesome addition to the staff.

Reed started an important job last year. I’m against destabilizing ST to fix an opening. The less movement, the better.

Forgot about Miles, he`s an interesting candidate. But with the moratorium we would now need permission to interview.

Als will need to play by the same rules and I’m sure that suits Popp just fine.

Je crois également que Benevides serait un candidat très intéressant. Il était un bon coordonnateur de la défensive chez les Lions.

Coach Willis? Je ne sais pas s’il serait aussi bon dans ce rôle étant donné qu’il ne l’a jamais assumé à quelque titre que ce soit. Cependant, considérant la grande qualité du travail qu’il a fait avec une ligne défensive relativement dégarnie, je crois qu’il pourrait mériter notre confiance. La question est davantage de savoir à quel point il est stratège ou pas, et nous n’avons pas d’indication à ce sujet.

Il me semblait avoir lu quelque part que Steinauer était aussi arrivé à la fin de son contrat. J’avoue ne pas avoir vérifié ce statut avant d’écrire ces lignes. Je crois qu’il pourrait être un autre bon candidat s’il était disponible. Il a beaucoup maturé à Hamilton.

Je ne voudrais rien savoir de Chamblin, Burke ou de Creehan. Je leur préfère Reed de toute façon.

Als are desperate for stability, Moving Reed means another new coordinator. Where are we going to find a good ST coordinator at this point with what is going on ? So in addition to putting a new DC in place you end up with a new STC.. In fact 3 new coordinators.

Avec les histoires de Thorpe, Stewart, Edmé, et Posy-Audette, l’histoire de continuité et de stabilité est déjà complètement foutue en l’air de toute façon. Il faudra donc se résigner à reconstruire de nouveau.

Les Alouettes semblent demeurer le champ fertile où piquer des entraîneurs. C’est arrivé en 2012 et nous y voilà encore 3 ans plus tard. Il va falloir que la LCF réalise qu’elle risque gros dans cette tourmente. À ce compte là, elle risque de ne compter plus que 8 équipes en 2017, et ce ne sera pas à Ottawa qu’il va en manquer une. La ligue a sérieusement intérêt à mettre de l’ordre dans les règles concernant les mouvements d’entraîneurs, faute de quoi ce phénomène pourrait avoir raison non seulement des Alouettes mais aussi possiblement des Lions. La situation n’est pas si reluisante là-bas non plus.

Tout ceci est profondément merdique.

There just isn't enough competent GM / Coaching talent presently in the league to staff all 9 teams. I can't prove this, but the ongoing poaching behavior indicates it.

So I am proposing we step out of the box, and think about finding key members of our team's future leadership OUTSIDE the CFL - although prior CFL or CIS experience is a must. Here's a starting list, by no means complete, and you are certainly welcome to add to it, OR cr*p all over it - as some of the names on my list have "baggage". And money is no object (even though it is :roll: )

EDIT: (I am updating, but avoiding poaching from other CFL staffs to make this more challenging)

GM / Dir. of Football Operations:

(1) Ryan Grigson - soon to be ex-Indy Colts GM
(2) Marc Trestman - probably no longer an NFL HC candidate
(3) Jim Popp - not going anywhere
(4) Tom Dimitroff Jr. - ATL Falcons GM with early career CFL experience
(5) Brock Sunderland - Assistant GM Ottawa RedBlacks

Head Coach:

(1) Tom Clements - currently OC at Green Bay
(2) Mike McCoy - QB Stampeders 1999 - TOO LATE, already HC at San Diego
(3) Jim Popp - dual GM/HC role


(1) AC's job to lose
(2) Jacques Chapdelaine - (was Riders' OC - presently out of football?)


(1) Kavis Reed - transfer from ST coach


(1) Mike Benevides - former HC of BC Lions

Position Coaches:

(1) Ben Cahoon - Receivers
(2) Avon Cobourne - Running Backs

Popp’s not going anywhere. No point in thinking about a new GM, man. I would like to see Cahoon coach the receivers, though.

As I wrote before, I will be surprised if Kavis Reed is not the new Defensive Coordinator,once the Noel Thorpe matter is settled.

I would also like the Als to hire Mike Benevides as the new Special Teams Coordinator; we must not forget that he held this position with Calgary,from 2000 to 2002, and with BC,from 2003 to 2007.

Receiver coach: Jacques Chapdelaine-could be Ottawa's or BC's OC; Jeremaine Copeland another posibility. Forget Ben Cahoon. Given the low Canadian dollar he would have to be offered at least $150,000 to consider.

Running back coach: Avon Cobourne


Keep 'em coming, and I will update the list. I am not including direct transfers (without real promotion) from other CFL staffs, just to force us to think out of the box.