Thorpe OK, thanks fans for support

thank goodness for that.
Thorpe is all class in my book :thup:

[b]TORONTO -- Argonaut defensive back Neiko Thorpe, injured in Thursday night's game against Winnipeg, took to Twitter on Friday to thanks fans for their support.

The import DB was taken to a nearby hospital after catching his head awkwardly trying to tackle Winnipeg running back Will Ford in the first quarter of the game at the Rogers Centre.

Players watched as Thorpe was worked on in the Toronto end zone. He was strapped onto a board -- his head immobilized -- and placed on a stretcher before being carted off.
He was released later that night after tests proved negative.

"I would like 2 thank everyone 4 their prayers and thoughts 4 me." he tweeted Friday. "I'm truly blessed that my injury wasn't career changing and blessed 2 have great fam(ily), friends and fans at these times ... can't thank y'all enough .Godbless."[/b]

Very good news. I had switched away from TSN and missed the play, and all I saw was him being attended to. Still haven't seen a replay of it either. Never like seeing anyone seriously injured so glad he's ok.

It was one of those freak things that happen during a game. No one to fault for the injury. I heard that Nico had been released from hospital late last night and was very relieved to hear he is able to return home. It was a tough night for the players last night. Lots of very hard hits, iffy take-downs and general edginess.

I love the passion this time of year but when players step over the line they need to be taught a lesson and by allowing them to stay on the field is not the way to do it - whether a call was made or not. Jonny Sears hit on Spencer Watt should have garnered him a place on the bench, IMO. It wasn't the only time Ball was the focus of over-the-top play - he took 30 yards away from his offence with 2 - 15 yards penalties.

I have watched every single game in the CFL this season. I have seen hundreds of take-downs, tackles, etc. I have come to the conclusion that some players simply can't reign themselves in when it is necessary to do so. Meanwhile, other players manage to take out there man w/o mangling them while doing so achieving the desired result and earning my respect.