Thorpe new Als HC?

Maybe just a rumour, but Darkoshvilli on skyscraperpage is saying that Noel Thorpe has been appointed coach of the Als.

I guess this wasn't seen:

Thorpe Given Contract Extension...

"Thorpe, who spent six seasons with the Alouettes between 2002 and 2007 before returning as the team's defensive coordinator last season, has also been appointed the team's assistant head coach."

Could still happen. Als have unresolved business with Popp.

Unresolved business?

Reportedly Popp isn't too keen on staying as the Head Coach, so again based on reports the idea is for Popp to stay on as HC for this upcoming season and then Noel Thorpe to take over from 2015-.

There have also been reports that Popp wants a bit more money to take on the dual roles, as well as an out clause in case the NFL comes a calling.

Hadn't heard that. The last I heard was Popp wanted to be HC next season.

He's got one year left on his deal, they are haggling over contract duration and escape clause. Most ticket buying fans don't want him back behind the bench. Its a weird situation.

So that's his leverage. Give me an extension with more money or else I'll coach. :wink: