Thorough Rebuild, Muddle Through, or Challenge NOW?

Good analysis of the players, but what do you think the team's strategy going forward will be?

  1. Considering he still ran back 2 times I believe last season, that's a BIG advantage. Also bringing untested talent to camp is great, but experience may be needed to navigate the currents of Ivor Wynne.

  2. Yes, but the point is that there is a lack of depth at the position. One major injury on the line will cause problems for us, even more now that Rottier is gone.

  3. I'll reserve my thoughts for how Burris will work out after his first couple of games, as with the running game.

  4. True, but they didn't get any further then we did last season either. Performances like that tend to be the exception, not the rule.

  5. Yes, there is potential there, but inconsistent play has dogged them and that needs to change.

Hmm....well I think I would go back to a less risky defense. Our DBs aren't at the point where they can consistently handle man coverage, so going blitz crazy with a group of VERY diverse linebackers isn't what I would do like we did last year. There was a severe lack of interceptions last year because of a lack of linebacker support for the DBs. Also the fact they didn't really line up Stevie Baggs quite right made us a bit too predictable.

I think offensively, I want to see the Fullback position utilized more. Darcy Brown is a solid Fullback and a lot of blocking and passing trickery can be done there. I want to see the team expect and demand throwing performance from Quinton Porter if and when he gets to throw and give Boltus some reps. I also want to see more deep balls being thrown, as we have fast, young and tall receivers that can out work DBs. Glenn and Porter don't seem to have arms that can get away with too many of these. Also, please for the love of god, stop passing for short yardage on 2nd and 10. Don't expect more then 2 YAC yards on 2nd down.

I think the team is going to shore up the O.Line with an import and see if it can't lock down another Canadian receiver come draft time (does anyone know if Mike DiCroce is eligible?). Stala's not going to be around for much longer and Matt Carter, while good isn't enough Canadian content.

Thorough Rebuild, Muddle Through, or Challenge NOW is a front office question.

Just like the coaches and players, I pay no attention to that.

Coaches and players prepare to go out and win every game.

Winning half of them or a little more gets them into the playoffs.

Then, win 2 or 3 games and you are Grey Cup Champions,

no matter what the front office was thinking!

With the addition of Henry Burris and George Cortez, this team has an opportunity to go all the way this year.

That should be the goal every year but this year winning or being in the Grey Cup is especially important
to market the team and get bums in the seats when the Ticats go on the road throughout the 2013 season

All Obie needs to do is bring in a couple of top notch O-line to set our Offence up to be the best in the league.

and a couple of top notch the D-lineman to make our Defence the Beasts of the East like in the old days.

and Casey Creehan need to let Stevie Baggs lose!

Oskie Wee Wee!! Oskie Wa Wa!


I hope the day will come when CFL teams make enough profit that the salary cap can be raised
high enough that proven players can be kept rather than losing them to other teams or retirement.

When faced with a decision to accept a reasonable pay cuts some veterans wouldn't accept it
but some players wouldy do that rather sign for similar money and start over with another team

Especially 30+ year old veteran running backs with big dollar non-guaranteed contracts
who could end up out of football altogether with several productive years left in them.

Charles Roberts, Kenton Keith, and now that fate may hit Avon Colbourne and Joffrey Reynolds.

Quarterbacks likely wouldn't play second fiddle and take a lower salary

to stay with their team but and players at most other positions may.

For the choice of what the direction of the front office might be is...

2. The team genuinely believes that it is only a few modifications from being a major challenger for the near future.

Ron: It seems to me that the team has already gone beyond "only a few modifications."

This is a complete rebuild, even Obilovich's functions have been changed. The entire coaching staff was swapped, Starting QB,RB and two offensive linesmen, returner and possibly the kicker and star rush end...

In terms of starting line up changes so far...I see three of them.

Kevin Glenn and Simeone Rottier and Avon Colbourne have left

and 2 have been replaced quite adequately, imo, rocky123.

Henry Burris may be a big upgrade over Kevin at the critical QB position

and Martell Mallet will be more versatile at running back than Avon was.

The team is working on keeping Justin Hickman

They are likely still trying to get Justin Medlock signed

and they may be working on keeping Jason Himenez
since Marcel Belefeuille is no longer Head Coach.

Even if none of them return

we still have 18 of last year's 24 starters returning.

That represents a moderate changes to me, rocky123.

Do you know of any other players we're going to lose?

Thigpen. Not that his leaving was the team's choice.

No Ron, I think you gave a good summation of player changes and I agree with

your assessments of Henry Burris replacing Kevin Glenn and Mallett replacing

Cobourne, however, as mentioned earlier in the thread, the coaching changes

are major surgery, but I think they were needed.