Thompson for Mann

If you could trade Mann back for Thompson would you do.....?

If BC could have Knowlton back, would they take him?
How about Medlock from Edmonton?
Hindsight my friend.
However, I would definately take that trade in a heartbeat. :lol:

I really didn't like that trade when it happened and I like it less now!

Have Eric Tillman's head examined? :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,


You add so much to this forum… :lol: You really need to be put on the payroll :thup:

I hesitate to bring this up, but had we not traded Thompson for Mann, we'd likely still have ABIII as well.

I don't think ABIII is too upset about being traded. The Lions and Cats seem to be going in two different directions. I imagine a certain Cats running back will be asking for a trade shortly.

I'm not concerned about ABIII being upset.

The scenario I was trying to paint is we'd still have Thompson & still have Bruce at his old spot in the slot where Mann is currently doing next to nothing. Bruce's production dropped when our coaching staff moved him out of that spot. He's having a resurgence in BC.

Exactly. I'm really starting to overthink this whole thing. :lol: I wonder if they wanted his production to drop off, so they could move him to save $$$ without causing a big stir. to nothing? Mann was our leading receiver before he was injured with 15 catches for 173 yards receiving and a touchdown. He then had the freak accident in the dressing room that threatened to end his season. He missed the next 7 weeks...returned on labor day, caught 3 passes and a circus catch (that will probably be among the top 10 plays of the year like he was last year) for a touchdown then went 4 for 33 against montreal and 5 for 44 against edmonton. So in the last 2 games hes gone 9 for 77 yards....the only other receiver still in our line up with more yards is Chris Williams with 7 - 115. I do acknowledge that catching 9 - 77 isn't a hell of a lot but none of our receivers have done very much in the past 2 games. He hasn't been perfect, hes had 1 fumble and about 2 drops since hes been back but hes been out for 7 weeks, give the guy some time to get back involved in this also have to look at how our play calling has been the past 2 games (he caught everything thrown to him in the beginning of the edmonton game and then they forgot about him...he can only catch whats thrown to him and hes been our best (most consistent) receiver at making the tough hi-lite reel catches (although Chris williams has the one circus catch that may be top 3 of the year.) Tough to judge a guy who was our top receiver before getting injured and then has been working his way back to form.

Its not fair to judge the Mann for Thompson trade because of the state our team is in right now. Who would of know we would suddenly have a crowd of talent at the receiver position...and the trade was made 2 years ago, people weren't happy with the secondary back then either...are we going to re-hash every trade whenever a player we traded away plays for a team we get beat by? If anyone thinks Thompson was the reason edmonton won the game needs to watch the game again...he hasn't exactly been lighting it up in edmonton since he went there.

I love Chris williams....Im impressed by grant and kelly....but lets see how they do after the honeymoon phase...there has been many receivers flash in their rookie seasons only to trail off in following seasons. One can argue Mann is our most valuable receiver as it stands now...Stala is proven but 3 years older....Grant,Kelly and Williams are all younger but still unproven past their rookie season and still likely to try and make the jump to the NFL if they continue to have success....if they continue in their success next season, it will be tough to get them to commit long term.

You said it yourself...Mann was our leading receiver. Now he's being outplayed by a rookie. As far as them "forgetting about him", I'm sure Glenn would have thrown to him had he been open, don't you agree?

Why do you think I'm judging the trade by the way our team is now? I hated the trade when it happened, Thompson was our best db & our secondary, while not outstanding, was not nearly as bad as it is now. At least if Thompson was still here, they'd have some INT's rather than us watching Bo Smith screening receivers. And who mentioned any other trade? We're talking about THIS trade. And who said anything about Thompson being the reason we lost? Did you even read any of the other posts? Yeesh!

Bottom line, we traded a player who at the time was arguably one of the best HB's in the league & have not gotten equal value from the player we got in return IMO.

Sorry, my post should have said who mentioned EVERY other trade. The Bruce trade was a direct result of our trade for Mann and the emergence of our rookie receivers. Can't edit my post for some reason.