Thomas out, Dyakowski in

So Kenny says in today's spec that Charles Thomas is out and Dyakowski is in for him. Is Cavka moving from guard to tackle then? I guess you couldn't have an oline with three imports that was that bad and expect it to remain intact.
8) Also confirmed in the Spec, Ritchie will start this game, with Chang being activated from the injury list. Tony Miles will likely miss this game also, as will Jykine Bradley (replaced by Geoff Tisdale).
 The Cats have lost 8 straight in Montreal, last win Oct. 2001  !!!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

 We will need a lot more than good luck to pull out a win, but you never know !!!!!

Well we will see what our young(er)up and coming talent can do this week. Tisdale is young and has good speed, Dyakowski this is his chance to prove himself, although I think it would be interesting to see Bekasiak in there.

As Leo Cahill was want to say: "Only an act of God can make the Ticats win".
Well - he didn't say those EXACT words, but you get the gist.
Montreal has lost 3 in a row - no matter how well the Cats play, there is no way they will win this one.
What are the odds of Montreal making it 4 losses in a row?
I bet I have a better chance with my 649, than Montreal losing again.
But we are all entitled to our opinion...

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