thomas and Brown not returning

just read scratching post and drews reporting the team has informed carlos thomas and ike brown they wont be returning. I found this a bit of a shocker thomas played wekk and brown was a special teams beast but in the words of obie BETTER IS BETTER. As i see what Austins building here just in his coach hirings im starting to have faith.

Carlos Thomas not returning :thup:

Ike Brown not returning :thdn:

Sh*t happens

Carlos Thomas was marginal at best. Ike Brown was often injured and could not stay healthy. Time to move on and build a better team with talent. Looks like Austin is watching game film. Move roster moves to come.

Obie is not the GM anymore. Let's put that ridiculous phrase to rest.

Meh, I think Carlos Thomas looked better than he truly was because he has been surrounded by a pretty weak group of DBs. Did provide some beautiful hits though. Not going to miss him really.

Ike was a beast on ST but great special teamers are a dime a dozen.

Can we please retire the phrase "better is better"? I feel like its run its course.

Not a fan of Carlos Thomas' play.

Too bad Ike Brown never really got his chance cuz of the depth on linebackers. Hopefully his injuries won't prevent him from catching on elsewhere. Would love to see him play in the CFL.

I hate the business side of football. Unfortunately for Ike he had a string of bad luck and Carlos got hurt too so I guess I can understand the decisions from a business standpoint. On the personal side of it, I hate to see such quality guys leave the organization. They are both class guys and I wish them well in whatever they do.

All the best to both players in their future football careers and thanks for being a Tiger-Cat but thats Sports, your only as good as your last performance and we need players with Heart, Pride and Skill to play the position. How many dropped INT's did we have last year, way too many??

#Ticats release players: LBs I. Brown & B. Bullock, RB T. Grant, DBs G. Tisdale & C. Thomas, DT Eddie Steele. #CFL

I wish these guys all the best also and thank them for their contributions. Sucks about Eddie and Terry getting injured they way they did.

Drew Edwards reports the following six players have officially been released:

IMP LB Ike Brown
IMP LB Byron Bullock
IMP RB Terry Grant
IMP DB Geoff Tisdale
IMP DB Carlos Thomas
NIP DL Eddie Steele

Read the full story here:

[url=] ... e-six.html[/url]

I undersatnd why they realeased Tisdale because he makes alot and his performance has dropped and Calghary felt so as well .

I think we should have kept Terry Grant to see what we have back from the injury as he was ideal for the CFL .
Not sure why we would unload our best non import Defensive Tackle that has alot of upside in Eddie Steele.

My guess is they have a lot of new players in mind . I am sure Steinhauer has manetioned some defenders he wants coming in to take a look at that might have played or were in camp with the ARGOS .

Also there could be some players thatr played in the IVY league schools against kent Austin and his Offensive Co-ordinator

I get the impression this is some sort of saving money activity as they can't afford to keep any players aroudn that have any injury risk and Grant , and Steele are both in that category . In the past , they might have kept these guys as they will get healthy and likely will bounce back but they likley don't want to spend a penny on any player not healthy

admittedly Terry Grant's release is a surprise as the kid possessed dynamic raw talent.
The grievous injury he sustained may have been irrevocably damaged. A shame.

The release of NI Steele is also unexpected as he was a development project and performed admirably in a reserve capacity.

Tisdale seemed to regress the past season, and the rest should be fairly easy to replace.

The cold, hard reality of life, after serious injury, in the CFL. Grant, Brown and Steele, IMHO, with better luck, could have been great Ti-Cats.

That would make sense if it was July...but I'm pretty sure it doesn't cost the team anything until then.

Maybe...they have medical reports that say Grant won't be what he was. It WAS a pretty gruesome injury and I would have been surprised if he came back as what he was.

Goes to show how even an exceptional athlete can have a career in pro sports snatched away so quickly. It really bugs me, especially in the case of Grant, to think about what could have been. Serves as a good reminder how fleeting a pro sports career can be: important lesson for any student-athletes with pro aspirations. I think Dylan Barker is the poster boy for having a solid life-after-football plan.

Grant, TIsdale, Thomas and Steele were all set to become free agents in February. What they were being paid is/was irrelevant.

I'm a little surprised about Eddie Steele as he appeared to be a solid prospect, but I'm guessing this is to make way for Arnaud Gascon-Nadon and Marc-Antoine Fortin. These guys have been the two headed dragon of Laval's defensive line.

Terry Grant doesn't surprise me in the slightest. Running backs are dime a dozen in Football now a days and there is no shortage of NCAA RBs who just can't break the NFL roster. It sucks, but it's the nature of the beast. Frankly I'm of the opinion that if you aren't a solid blocking, consistent 5 yards per carry running back, you won't have any longevity in the CFL. Being a bat out of hell that gets the occasional huge TD but follows it up with five, 3 yard plays to me is of little worth. That kind of high risk, high reward style leads to too many punting situations and typically can't lead to so many touchdowns to warrant keeping a player. Add to the fact we have Cobourne, Mallet and Walker (although there are questions if Cobourne will be back, will Mallet have recovered and will Walker continue to evolve) plus who knows what other possible prospects might be looking, his release does not surprise me at all.

I'd add that it's also a huge factor in time of possession. When the high risk / high reward style back scores a touchdown it still only takes seconds. The consistent back reduces the amount of punts and controls the clock.

Orlando Steinnhauer coached just down the road for several years He probably has a pretty good idea of how the d-backs who were released played as starters last year.

Please, it's ORLONDO STEINAUER. It's been more than a week since he was hired... give him the courtesy of at least spelling his name right.