Thngs not looking good for cats this week

Terrible outing last week
Still No Bkari and no Markieth or his replacement Thomas
No Bo Smith and oh my no Fantuz
Winnipeg will be hungry and desperate ..
i hope the cats are up for this game as they are coming off a poor performance with more injuries and a hungry team at home .....
We will need Burris , Giguere, Walker, Stala , C. Williams , PEACH and Jamal and Rey all to step up this game

Thomas is listed as the starting LB on the depth chart.

You are absolutley correct in your evaluation of Thursdays evening game. Not sure how Peach will have an impact at DT considering he is too small and too slow. DT are normally much heavier and stronger. This new guy Davis may provide some heat but it may be too little too late considering Eiben will probably play week side LB. It's time to nut up and shut up and play some disciplined football. This is something the Cats have failed to do for four quarters so far this year. Lets see what the French Connection is able to accomplish at slot and wide out. This could get rather ugly real quick. Lets also hope Bucknor plays well at safety.

From what I have seen, Winnipeg has a good defence right now so I can see them shutting down the Ticat offense just like Calgary did. I don't think the Winnipeg passing offense will do anything so it's a matter of keying in on their RB.
Unless the Ticat "O" line step up this week it's going to be a low scoring game.

They have the worst defence in the league in both points and yards allowed.

I think the bummers defense looks bad because their Offense is constantly 2 and out.
Our offense is substantially better than theirs at every offensive position.
The bummers “D” is getting some players back from injury.
With over 30,000 hillbilly’s making noise when we have the ball it will be difficult.
Getting a big lead would help immensely.

We had a bad game last week, so I think they'll bounce back just fine
a la the Jekyll & Hyde team

you are looking at stats and not the actual play on the field

If your defense has given up the most yards and most points, you’re a pretty bad defense. The only thing Winnipeg has going for them is a decent pass rush, but aside from that, they’ve been terrible. What have you seen out of them to make you say they have a good defense?

They owned us last year. Hopefully this year it will be the other way around.

Winnipeg punted 10 times last game, Montreal 7.

They gave up over 500 yards last game and 36 points. Winnipeg's play on the field stinks.

They will be starting their third stringer.

Ti-Cats had an avergae game last week until the 4th quarter. Ti-Cats lead 20-17 after 3 quarters.

I predict we will kill the Bombers.

They sure did.

But, both teams are very different this year.

I am really excited to see Murillo play an entire game at halfback. He was really impressive last week, especially on special teams and he did a great job stepping up and replacing Dee Webb when he moved to LB.

Not so excited to watch Dile strive for his goal to be the most penalized player in CFL history :roll: Hopefully he can have a much better game than he did last week, I believe he can!

I don't think it will be an easy game. Winning on the road is never easy and we're without three of our best players. It's still a game that needs to be won if we plan on being an elite team. IMO the key to this game might be the 1st quarter. Get up early on Winnipeg and I think they implode, let them hang around a bit and they get some confidence while the crowd gets into it.

Cannot let the Bummer fateful get into this game, because they are loud as hell when they want to be. We need to build a big lead before half because we still havent proven we can play in the 3rd quarter (hopefully that changes tonight). If we can jump on them early I do not think the Bummers offence will be able to lead a substantial comeback.

It is an unpredictable game. Not a lot of film on Elliott, who may look good against our D.

Keepin the fingers crossed!

Interesting to see how Murillo makes out, hopefully well. Also without AF, it'll be interesting to see how the ball gets distributed. At any rate, shutting down their run game is imperative.

it's winnipeg. enough said. :cowboy:

Winnipeg will be starting a 22 year old rookie at MLB tonight

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The Bummers are starting their 3rd string QB.
I would hope that this guy is not going to pick our secondary apart.
They will be counting on their running game as noted by Earl.
STOP THE RUN! and we should control this game.