This Year's Traditions Poster

I didn't pick mine up at the game. If you got yours today, what do you think of it? Anybody care to post a pic?

I didnt make it out to the game today but I’m curious to know what tradition are they trying to sell with a 4-13 record? :lol:

If you have the opportunity the poster will be available at the business office. We are located at 393 Main St. E., 2nd floor of the CAA building. Feel free to contact me as well.

Thanks Kevin.

What is a "Traditions" Poster?

Is a Traditions Club Member the same as a Season Ticket holder?

If not, what is the criteria to become a Traditions Member?

No they aren't the same, three years ago fans were invited to enter (somewhat) into a contract with the team where if you sign up as a traditions club member
you were agreeing to purchase your seats for the next three years.In return for your support the team wouldn't raise prices on the seats for the duration of the agreement. (three years)
It was a great initiative and one Im sure most renewing fans wish would continue.

To answer Yosarian, they actually look pretty good and I'll try and get a pic uploaded tonight but with a new computer obviously not one stinkin piece of hardware wants to work right. Like I really care if I'm missing a few drivers, they're probably in the backyard with the rest of the system...just work damnit.

Uploading pics isn't my thing either... sorry... (natural blond here) but I DEFINITELY like the poster. THANK YOU! It's a night time view of the stadium. If you have light coloured walls in your home, it will go very well. And if you've decorated your room in Ti-Cats yellow, it will contrast nicely (decorating is a hobby of mine). It's lovely - worth picking up for sure.

Can someone take a picture of the poster i would realy like to see waht it looked like.

Try this link:

[url=] ... pg&.src=ph[/url]

I copied my reply in a different thread below:

I will have a link to the poster available today for everyone to view. We may try to make the poster a desktop wallpaper. If you encountered any problems picking up your poster after the game I sincerely apologize. Please contact either Joe Gallagher or myself and we will make the necessary arrangements.

Kevin Walsh
905.547.2287 ext. 239



wow that is a nice picture. I want one :frowning:

The poster is now available as a desktop wallpaper. Have a look

Cool poster, I like it very much!

check out the thread "pictures of the last game" The first picture is of the poster. I really like it.