This Year's Top News in the CFL...

Guys (and Gals), I've got the best news of the weekend for you. No. Let me rephrase that: "The best news of the Year".

Hmmm... In fact, it's not even a news because it's not confirmed, but it's great... err... Insight!

Yesterday, as one of the ScotiaBank Sweepstake winners, I was hosted in a private box in Skydome by two ScotiaBank managers. Really easygoing guys. Enteraining. Fun to discuss with, and all. They tried to make an Argos fan out of me (but failed!).

Anyways, when the game ended, I went to discuss with one of them:

Me: "I know this is probably something that has already been discussed at ScotiaBank, so tell me, wouldn't it be a natural fit for ScotiaBank to get involved in getting a tenth team in Halifax?"

Him: "Indeed, it is something that was discussed. And you're right. That DEFINATELY is a great idea. Probably the best possible idea reated to CFL football."

Me: "I'm glad we agree on that. But beyond the fact it is a great idea, how would you describe the feasibility of that really happening?"

Him: "If I were you, I wouldn't worry too much about such a thing."

Me: "You mean... It's already underway?"

Then he just smiled at me. A really big smile.

That is good news. Unless he was smilling at you because you had too much to drink and you were doing something lewd in the box.

I wanted to make some sort of funny comment on it not being feasible, but well, I blanked.

If it's true, that's totally the coolest news yet. I wonder if they'd be backing financing for stadium construction, and possibly being minor owners in the subsequent team, or what......

Wonder what timeline they're thinking, again if they're thinking about things....

Sportsmen's post came up as I was posting, but he's got something much better than I was coming up with.... I'll stop wasting cyberspace now. :slight_smile:

This would be very very very good news. Hopefully its the truth.

I REALLY hope that news is true and they weren't just talking out of their asses. I would love a 10th CFL team.

However, I don't trust bank managers so I have to take their comments with a HUGE grain of salt.



Like I said all year and most agreed. Great to have a 10th team.In a small vibrant,growing city,with dollars. That sure leaves out halifax...
go esks go! TWO best teams remain..

Here's hopeing I think Halifax would be a excellent choice.
Cheers :lol:

Maybe they'll pay for the stadium and the players salaries. And they'd be called the Halifax Scotiabanks, and they'd play at Soctiabank Stadium.... haha, just kidding. But if you understood that guy correctly and if his smile meant what it did.... GREAT NEWS FOR THE CFL!

Soctiabank Stadium, yes

Atlantic banks, NNNNNNOOOOOOO!!!

It would be a perfect fit for Scotiabank to be partners with a Halifax-based CFL team. I mean, the proper name for the institution is "Bank of NOVA SCOTIA". Halifax's the provincial capital of Nova Scotia.

Coincidence? Or has Kanga's mindless rambling finally gotten to me? :lol:

They could offer Maritimers loans without interest if the money is used to buy season tickets.

Or lower your interest rate 1% if you're a season tickets holder.

And the team could be called "The Repo Men"... errr... or maybe not.

halifax is in nova scotia?...GET OUT YOUR LYING


I thought that some of the posters of late who have been talking about potential owners for a Halifax-based franchise might find this thread from a little over a year ago interesting.