This year's team

Could easily be 2-0. Instead, they fail to close out two games. I was concerned in the pre season that this might be the case for this team. They have a solid team, but need to tweak a thing or two before this season is lost.

Probably deserved to lose against the Bombers, but they outplayed the Argos today. Prevent defense gave the Argos life, the D had actually played quite well to that point.

Both losses were preventable. The first jus pure lazy football fundamentals allowed Winnipeg to run the ball at will. This last game stupid penalties one or two turnovers one costing a pick 6 and some poor defencve schemes in the last minute cost us this one. Yes a hard pill to swallow when you could be 2-0 while the Stamps easily should be 0-2 .

The season is young but man very little margin for mistakes now or they could fall out of the race before Labor day even gets here. Two games back to back against the Lions and then Hamilton after that . Pretty much a must win of all 3

Offense looking good didn't lose anything with Durant going down. picks can and will happen game shouldn't come down to this
Defensive line no consistent pressure , missing Foley, rest of D improving but not there yet as to the effort and resources invested by head coach, there coming along but slowly.
Special Teams huge improvement in Early as punter , McCallum improvement over Milo, coverage improving,
Discipline, not good this is on the coaches, majority falling on head coach.
I will give them 4 games then see.

I dont think the DL is missing Foley as much as starting a Rookie Canadian is a big commitment and a focal point for other teams OLs.

As far as the pick 6...yeah...they still had the lead it was definitely not on that alone. I dont care too much about INTs...I mean I do, but as pointed out they are going to was more the absent mindedness by a vet who has started for 4 years and didnt com back to his QB...that is frustrating

So depop mention Allen and whether to keep him or not. I have to say he is questionable to be sure. Some games he looks good and others not so much. Last game was not a good one for him as he completly blew his assignment in the first series and Glenn got hammered to the ground. You add the fumble issues at times and you would have to think they may be wise to start shopping around. Not sure if they wait until NFL cuts are made or do you bring in someone that was cut by another team in training camp. I will again mention Toston and no he isn't a Sheets or Cornish but still he knows ther Riders and could be a good fill in until they can see if there is anything better out there. Toston I think has better hands then Allen and I don't know if the fumble issue is as bad. Also think he is more of a threat to break one if he gets day light. any thoughts?

IMO Toston is more smash mouth than Allen. however I still prefer Messam back there to the other two. I say don't make a move with Allen until NFL cuts. there's not enough reward with trading Allen for Toston at this point. (even though I prefer Toston)

Didn’t the Stamps cut Toston, or is he on their PR?

Toston was cut so no trade involved

That’s what I thought but not sure if they offered him PR

If they go smash mouth, use the guys they got...Messam, Rae, Moore...Miller comes in as a changeup guy maybe. That puts 6 NI on O...unless Emry comes back or they move Brack to LB they need that. I like the Canadians at DT...they are doing ok, but it is a big factor why the DL gets pushed around at times. They need the threat of an experiences guy in there at times until these guys are better developed. I think they will get there...but the flexibility even for a few weeks would be nice. With Demski back this is totally doable. Allen is an inbetweener...he is on the edge of being a smashed (but doesn't double clutch the damned ball) and he is not a super agile back nor a is a rounded back...IMO not what they need...Either fit the mold or bust it with a new take anyways

IMO, whether its Allen, Toston, or whoever... I think they need to run a tandem with Messam. In Game 1 vs. Winnipeg, they alternated and we ended up with a lot of yards of rushing (close to 200).

In Game 2, due to ratio, Messam was the feature back. To me, this showed 2 things....
1 - Messam cannot carry the full load. By the end of the game and into OT, he was gassed and had little left in the tank. He is a big body and if he plays a brusier style, he won't last. And if he goes down, that is even worse for ratio purposes

2 - Allen needs to be used to get into the flow of the game... With limited touches he seems "less interested". I know he is a paid professional athlete and that should not be the case, but that is what I see. If he can get a few good runs under his belt, he seems more motivated to play and achieve. And when he is playing well, he is a very capable running back.

It will be nice to get Demski and Emry back in the line-up so it allows for more of a combination of Allen/Messam. If those guys are not back in the line up any time soon, they need to game plan the ratio in order to get Allen more involved, and keep Messam fresh. If he can stay fresh, the Riders can use him to grind down the clock, and maybe, just maybe, they can stop blowing these leads late in the game....

well stated.

As far as the 'being a pro' thing...most running backs are like that...they need the touches to do is not a lack of interest...most simply need a few looks before they start seeing and reacting to things. Messam is a bit different, where he does well with any number of touches...but like you said, he was definately gassed last game...which is why it was a bit upsetting to see the gut run in OT...he didnt have enough left. It likely improves over the season...but he is never going to be an every down guy...unless he drops the weight that makes him effective.

If Allen can play like he did in week 1...fine...but he has played mainly more like in game 2 most of his time in Green.......not bad running, but not great...a few missed blocks...poor handling of the rock

I’d say Messam did as well as any other back in those conditions (probably even better than most especially given the amount of time he was on the field). Hot day, still fairly bad air quality and a lengthened game. He is miles past where he was at last year and his cardio has drastically improved.

No doubt he has more in the tank this year…he was still getting gassed in the 3rd though

Maybe maybe not. He may have been under 5 yds per carry running but when you add his 6 catches for 80ish yards, that’s 25 touches for 160ish yards. That is a big load and is also good production. But any back with that many touches probably could use a little spelling off.

He might have had a chance on that deep handoff in OT if the snap was better. An iffy snap really slowed the handoff exchange which was probably why he had no momentum once he got the ball. It might have been this instead of him just being gassed.

Very probable. Also gotta give the Argo D props on that play…they were all over it.

Indeed, they had a dude unblocked who made the tackle, but even he got dragged all the way from the 4 to the 1.

I'm literally sick to my stomach after watching this team, for the second week in a row, GIVE the game away.

Where's the Tylenol and Jack Daniels? The way this team is playing I think I may need to buy both by the case.