This year's team better or worse?

If the 2016 TiCats and the 2015 TiCats played each other, what would the point spread be? Do you think this year's team would be favored against last years?

Our Defence has dropped a notch with the injury to Butler, and the loss of Tank Reed and Eric Harris.
Hall and Hickman have been replaced
On Offence our Oline has been improved in talent and depth, Owens will be a + factor and Gable is ready for a full season.
Medlock is tough to replace on ST, but Reinebold will work his magic.
It all really depends on when Collaros is ready.
So right now we are (from the end of last season)
behind on Defence
ahead on Offence
behind on Specials

So last years team wins by a Medlock field goal over this years team. :wink:

Kicking game will be better. The running game will be better. The QBs until ZC return will be the same as the second half of last season.
The big problem will at DB, with the injuries to the two corners Minnifield and Washington and the departure of Gainey and Stewart.

The departure of Gainey improves our D ten fold.

I've been bouncing around from sub-forum to sub-forum and it doesn't seem like many fans have a very good feel for their respective teams. Definitely seems to be one of the more confusing CFL seasons to predict.

Entering Week 1, do you think it's fair to say that this year's offense will be better than last year, defense worse than last year, and overall, this year's team is a bit worse than last year?

if this defence is even 3/4's as good as last years its going to be a fun season..

Offence will be atleast as good as last year imo

Worse! Hope I'm wrong!


You think the kicking game will be better with Medlock gone? I know his punting wasn't great, but I doubt either of the new guys will be a better field goal kicker.

We'll also find out how vital Condell was to Hamilton's offense, and whether the new guy can fill his shoes.

Offence: Stonger on O-line, weaker at QB, wash at receiver and RB. Advantage 2015.

Defence: Stronger on D-line, wash at LB, weaker ( at least to start) at DB. Even

Special Teams: Weaker to start if only because of new people. Otherwise, a wash at receiving, with possible edge due to Owens. Kicking weaker without Medlock, Over-all, advantage 2015.

IMO edge goes to 2015, at least until team gels and ZC returns.

Friday night!! Tiger-Cat football is on the air!!

No that was a mistake, the kicking game will NOT be better.

Ah that makes more sense. Then yeah, I completely agree with your breakdown. DB could be a mess, unless Austin/Tillman have been able to dig up a few stars from down south that we haven’t really seen play yet.

forget that, get your butts to the staduim :rockin: :rockin: :thup: :thup:

Until Zach gets back, it’s worse.
Last year was really looking like Hamilton’s year until the injury. Terrible break.

I think the whole division got a lot better, so Hamilton needs to just tread water until Zack gets back, and if he’s as good as he was last year, the cats can find themselves grey cup champions.

Went to every practice during camp this D is wayyyy better and so is the O even without Zach the 2016 team wins 33 - 14
And after watching the 2 kickers you wont even miss Medlock have seen some sweet punts and FG,s from both guys and i think the team will carry both to start the season

No doubt Zach will make the offense better when he returns but the big problem area is going to be the "D" and in particular the DB's. They didn't look good in the second half last year and with the injuries to the two corners it could be worse this season. But who knows, maybe new players will step up.

Worse. Medlock alone was worth 2 wins. Loss of two CBs and Hickman are major setbacks. Owens is a plus if he can stay healthy. ZC can’t get back soon enough.

An Argo-Cat fan

If this years team HEALTHY
played last years team HEALTHY last years team would win. That D was as good as any I have ever watched.

If game one last years team played game one this years team last years wins if only by virtue of ZC.

If ZC is healthy at the end of this season I predict that the 2016 version will be stronger then the 2015 version was come playoff time and we still almost made the Grey Cup final.

Unfortunately I also believe every team in the east has gotten stronger. As always in the CFL it comes down to QB play and defense and we should be good in those areas.

IMO based on the 4-5 training camp days I was able to attend...Worse but not by as much as you would think after losing Harris, Sinkfield, Medlock and Butler...Injuries are going to hurt the already unproven secondary but I believe the dline is arguably better than last year and the LBs are just as good...I think the offence is going to be fine with Masoli running the veer and read options like in the playoffs last year...Just pray he doesn't get hurt before ZC comes back because Waters isn't ready and Mathews hasn't progressed enough. Chad Owens is still scary fast and will ease the loss of Sink...With Butler hurt it looks like we are going with two Canadian WRs with Watt getting a role similar to Giguere (not many passes coming his way is my guess)Maher will win the kicking job and will be a solid kicker/punter. Health especially in the secondary will determine how this years team finishes.

I think last year's defense really tailed off when it counted. Ottawa scored 44 the last game of the year and 35 in the EDF. BC put up 40 in October as well.

They lost the EDF because of poor defense, not because Zach was out.

Sacks became non-existent in the second half of the season, and the big play turnovers which were so commonplace early last season evaporated as the season went on. Taylor Reed was good, but not elite -- not is the same category as Bighill, Elimimien, Sherrit...etc...

Whether this team is better remains to be seen, but I think changes on the defense were needed. They weren't good enough when it counted.