This years Punter could be....

Former NFL'er and current Free Agent...

Mitch BERGER 37yrs (Canadian from British Columbia) 6'4 230lbs

Last played with Denver in 2009. No takers yet on him so far south of the border.

Punting avg. in 2009 was 44.5 yards...

It would be interesting to see what it would take to get him here.... would be a nice fill in for another year until we find someone younger.

The given the Kid the job ..

I going to support him this guy your talking about is 37
He has no where to go but no down

Berger averaged 42 yards a kick last year, not 44.5. In the NFL that is still very good.
He makes close to $500,000/year in the NFL with a great pension. What would be his motivation to move his family to Hamilton for $50,000/year?

The desire to move into a lower tax bracket???

[url=] ... =BER067954[/url]

Here are his career stats with his career average at near 43 and a net average for his career at 38.

His placement has never been better it appears, and the best punters can go at it well into their 40s in the NFL or CFL for that matter.

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Berger is tied for 28th out of 40 in the NFL for 2009, so below average on yards per punt, but for his net average he's tied for 18th. Rather impressive that some average NFL punter makes almost half a million eh?

Berger was the Bombers first pick in the 1994 draft and since he's never signed a contract with a CFL team or played in the CFL the Bombers would still own his rights (unless they traded them years ago).

He's 0 for 3 lifetime in passing, forget it. :lol:
Looks like he sat out 2006 for some reason. Interesting that his name has never come up before.

Call me crazy but perhaps a desire to play football in a place he can still compete despite his age?

Not true the top of my head just one of the top NFL punters Craig Hentrich is even older and there are others.

Like I wrote below the best punters and kickers go at it well into their 40s.

Like quarterback and offencive lineman, punter is one of those positions where most guys hit their prime in their 30s if not also later than those other positions.