This year's greatest acqusistion

Without a doubt the best acquisition we've made in the last month has been Coach Sal. This guy has moulded a O line together that has given Maas time to throw and finally, blocking for a run game. Consisdering the injuries, and players playing out of position, coach Sal has been a magician.
Let's hope the new coach considers Coach Sal for next season. Make him (Coach Sal) a offer he can't refuse.
He really is masterful with the young players, which is a requirment of a good coach. Some coaches are fine as long as they're working with proven vets, but don't have a clue when it comes to developing a greenhorn. Could you imagine if we had Coach Sal on board from the beginning of the year.

Coach Sal.- H.C :rockin: :cowboy:

yes way to go coach sal! nice to have a real coach at that position isnt it. As for acquisition of the month I would have to give it to the gm though.

Yes, the O-line has had a complete makeover in terms of their play, even with all the injuries they've been great. I was really surprised to see Sal on the sidelines and he has done a masterful job.

Coach Sal has been doing a great job but IMO th O-line is better because some of the guys on the bench were better than the injured players they replaced. On top of that they have more Canadians now enabling Imports at other positions where our Canadians were inferior to the imports available.

I think the other thing Coach Sal brings is a relaxed sort of enthusiasm. I was at the game in Edmonton on Friday sitting behind the Ticats bench (a little further back than I sit at IWS, but I had binoculars).

Anyway, the thing I noticed was that Coach Sal, in addition to giving instructions to the O-line, was going around encouraging players up and down the sideline. The man obviously has an ability to teach the fundamentals, motivate and most importantly convey confidence to players. My guess is that his enthusiasm has been infectious.


You by chance wouldnt happen to be the fella wearing the TiCats jacket in section Q...if so my 8 yr old is dying to find out where she can get one in her was refreshing to see someone besides myself and approximately 12 others on the east side of the stadium sporting team colors, normally I have a 1st hand understanding of how Custer felt!

No, I was sitting in Section S, row 38. My jacket is a little noteworthy, though. It's a great waterproof jacket I got at Mark's Work Wearhouse that coincidentally is made in exact Ti-Cat colours. Is this what you were referring to?