This years CFL draft

Does anybody have any ideas about who will be the first round picks this year. It appears that Andy Fantuz of Western is the favorite to go #1.

Two BC boys;

  1. Adam Braidwood - Defensive Lineman, Washington State University. Saw him play 3 or 4 times in person and a dozen times on TV. Undersized for the NFL but perfect for CFL
  2. Jon Cornish - Running Back, University of Kansas. Had a couple of 100 plus games on the ground while sharing the duties with another back. Had two touchdowns in Kansas' Bowl win this past december. Has one year left in college ball after redshirting his freshman year. I think he will stay in the Big 12 and improve his chances for the NFL draft. Had a good season for an average team.

I saw Jon Cornish play in a bowl game last week and he looks like a keeper.

Also saw some other Canadians in bowl games who are in their Junior year but it is their draft year who look like good prospects.

  1. Jeff Perrett - Off Tackle for Tulsa
  2. Jermaine Reid - Def End for Akron
  3. Cedric Gagne-Marcoux - Center for Central Florida

Have heard good things about a couple of other draftable juniors, Eric Deslauriers a wide receiver at Eastern Michigan and Clifton Dawson a running back at Harvard.

Three CIS Seniors rated high from what I've read are:

  1. Dan Federkeil - Defensive Tackle at Calgary
  2. Jason Pottinger - Linebacker at McMaster
  3. Chris Sutherland - Off Tackle at Saskatchewan

I will add one more Junior to your list, Joe Cowan, Wide Receiver - UCLA Bruins. Father was Tim Cowan ( former QB of the BC Lions In the early 80's). Joe is a tall , fast wide receiver. has one more year left. He has a younger brother ( Patrick, freshman), playing QB for UCLA. Both boys were born in BC when their dad played QB. Time will tell if they make it to the CFL.

Yes I saw Joe in the UCLA game, but will he qualify as a non-import. The CFL seems to have some funny rules for their non-imports. Players like Noel Prefontaine, Ben Cahoon, Riall Johnson, Wayne Smith come to mind as players who were born in Canada but raised in the States. Then there's a son of Terry Metcalfe, Eric, who was born in Toronto but appears to be an import.
I've seen a couple of other sons of former CFL greats (Joe Fernandez son of Mervyn and Jayson Boyd son of Jeff) both wide rec's playing on US college teams but don't know if they were Canadian born.

Joe Fernandez was born in 1989, Mervyn was playing in the NFL by then. What school does Jason Boyd play at?

Jayson Boyd was a Senior wide receiver at U of Texas in El Paso this year.

Esks have 1st pick and don't need receiver....Fantuz may also go to the NFL

The esks would have a very easy choice they need to take the top offensive lineman available since that is their most glaring weakness especially with a QB like Ray who would rather take an extra steamboat to make the perfect pass

Chris Sutherland is a monster, red hair and all. Any Team will be happy to have him on their line.

lol i didn't know they chose people who have red hair

What's wrong with red hair?? :wink:

CKNW radio reported yesterday that the Esks might make a pitch for Bobby Singh of the Lions come Feb when the free agents signings begin.

Singh sucks!

they need a good tackle right now, they are okay on guards and centres

Thats right they need a good tackle now, not a loser like singh. Farnkly they only need one starter becausei think Patrick Kabongo is going to be awesome. He is one of the strongest players in the league and is very quick( used to be a D lineman) All year I wanted the esks to play him instead off the geezers beaton and morris but i guess if one guy comes out of retirement and you work har to convince the other one not to retire you can't bench them. kabongo will be great but I do see the esks drafting a O lineman OR trading tthe pick for an olinemane on another team

I could see the Eskies bringing in a good import left tackle to protect Ray's blind side if the two old gesser's as you call them retire. They could easily do this as they can probably still start 8 or 9 non-imports at other positions. Then a Fantuz draft would make sense to alternate with Nowacki and eventually start at one of the WR spots. There's very few Canadian tackles coming out of college ready to start...and if they are you know where they will be.

Agreed. O-Line is the one that that HAS to be upgraded. All of the positions except for left guard. I would feel comfortable with Patrick Kabongo at right tackle or right guard. I really think he has potential to be a beast. Look at him.

I say the center position because chances are Kevin Lufsfrud MAY be retiring because of his farm. Damnit. Stupid farming.

Beaton and Morris are retiring. We don't need receiver at all. O-line big time.

how does this CFL draft work? From what little I've read in this thread it sounds different then ours in the NFL...

top team getting first pick?

drafting players that still have college elgibility left? (that havn't waved it yet)....

just a little confused.

I think it works just like the other drafts.