This Year's Attendace

This year we boasted a total attendance of 259,100 giving an average attendance of 25,910 (Pre-season included), which has to be one of the best in the Bob Young era (and I do hope Bob broke even this year). So, lets assume the team gives away around 10% of it's tickets (I've heard more 2,500) 25,910-2,500=23,410

That means if we have another season like this year, that means with a very small amount of give away tickets, we should be able to sellout a 24,000 seat stadium with ease. :slight_smile:

2005 they averaged 28,002.

I guess they don't expect attendance to increase because of a new and modern stadium.

I guess they don't expect attendance to increase because of a better product once the team starts winning.

I guess they don't expect attendance to increase because of the annual increase in the CFL's popularity couple with slow and steady growth around here.

Or was there just no money for a proper sized stadium?

Captain, you want a "proper" sized stadium? Then you should have supported Aldershot, East Mountain or CP railyards or Confederation Park where increased naming rights and addition development with the stadium most likely would have occurred. WH would have been home to about the same "unproper" sized stadium as what IWS2 will be, initially in both cases, I believe.

There was no money for a proper sized stadium because Chad Collins and his cronies chose to alienate the private sector.

ironically, Mr. Collins refuted a Confederation Park Stadium initially by stating he wanted to preserve greenland space, yet conveniently changed his stance and declared that the area will be utilized as a business district AFTER the Pan Am location deadline had passed.

partisan politics at its best.

Not true. 22,500 was a choice.

city staff worked with the Tiger Cats to come up with the new stadium's capacity.

McKendrick says the design and construction of the stadium will cost about $120 million — about $30 million less than originally projected.

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I've heard that the Compass Stadium in Houston where the Houston Dynamo of the MLS play is considered a very nice stadium and seats just over 22,000. This is the league where the "mighty" Beckham plays in or has played in.

This guy has something up his sleeve. During the whole Stadium debate he appeared very shady and stand-offish. Yet there was an election and the clueless drones re-elected him and most of the other bumbling fools who were responsible for the whole mess.

Wait a minute now!

I thought Fred was the all powerful dictator of the city of Hamilton.

Now it's Chad?

Which evil dictator was it that launched the coup d'etat against the city council?

Most of council was re-elected due to poor alternative candidates.

With the vote for the mayor, there was 3 legitimate people (Di Ianni, Eisenberger, Bratina) who could have won the election.

Fred was a "powerful dictator". There was 1 site that he wanted and stuck to his guns until he was voted out. He wasn't willing to play ball with the Cats. It took Bratina and an 11th hour meeting with Bob Young to get the stadium done.

Don't let anyone fool you, the stadium isn't really a Pan-Am stadium. It's a Ticats stadium. If we didn't have a football team, would we get a 22,500 seat stadium?

Apologies for veering off topic.

Yes, solid attendance for this season where comps are reported way down. Attendance should only increase for the reasons i`ve already mentioned.

However, keep in mind some skewing of the OP`s numbers.

Firstly, the preseason game had an extraordinary amount of comps as STH were allowed 10 freebies each to give away.

Also, are there some tickets that are counted twice with the trade in program Remember how early they announced that STHs could no longer trade in unused tix for the last game since they had already reached their max trade ins, whatever that amount was.

You are correct Captain.

To take your points a little bit further.

Approx 18,000 STH

Take the attendance from the preseason and take off 18,000. Then you will get the number of freebies.

For each of the 18,000 season tickets, you receive 1 free ticket for one of the first 3 home games. So for the first 3 home games, take off 6,000 and that's really your paid attendance.

You are also correct with the unused tix. People usually wait until after the game to cash them in.

Also, don't forget that when an organization does the 50/50 draw, they are forced to buy a certain amount of tickets at a discounted rate. Not all of those tickets are used but they are paid for.

Paid attendance is really 18,000 + 2,000-3,000 flex pack holders.

With the new stadium, there will be no more freebies and with the math above, you are looking at about 1500 single game seats available per game. Not sure how the 50/50 will work.

There ALL in bed together. :cowboy:

Now back to the original topic. Congratulations to the diehard Ti-cats fans for having to endure lousy football and lousy politicians. 8)

From where did you get the 18,000 figure?

I don't have a "source" for it but the Cats usually hint it's around that number.

What do you think is a more accurate #? The Cats don't release their STH #s but it's generally assumed that it's around that mark.

Honestly I have no idea.

I take much of what the Tiger-Cats say with a grain of salt.

First, it's the sky is falling, they've lost tens of millions of dollars largely due to the stadium location and team performance.

Council gets duped to go with the current IWS site, and now the Tiger-Cats are almost profitable? Really?

I hear from them how season ticket revenue is solid, but I read and hear, time and again, much discontent with the Tiger-Cats throughout the city on the net at various sites, newspapers, radio, at work and out and about town.

I just dunno. It's a sad, sad time, made worse by the on field failures and renewed decline and that on October 29th no one knows where they will be playing in 2013.

It's hard for me to analyse attendance numbers without first knowing what the STH base is.

But, after all that, it is encouraging to see so many bums in the seats this year, comps or not.

:( Man, I'm already regretting this thread. What I had hoped would be a posistive thread, discussing the clear increase in attendance we had this year, and the excitment of having a consistently sold out stadium, this thread has turned into another "Oh, it should have been here" thread.

Seriously guys, at what point are we going to start replying to these kinds of comments (from all the locations) with "Should have, could have, didn't happen, lets move on".

Not sure what you want to hear.

"Yes, we should sell out only 24,000 seats"

You may see that as a positive, I see it as setting the bar low.

The Tiger-Cats should do better than that, especially with a new stadium, and a decent team.

I'm sick of being the crap team with the crap attendance, 22.500 or 24,000 doesn't help that one bit.

Sorry if that's not what you're looking for, but that's how I feel about our 3rd worst attendance in the league I believe, well below league average I'd bet.

IMO having a new stadium built with anything less than 30,000 seats is wastefull and short sighted. I would understand it if the Pan Ams would only build a 22k and there were plans to permantly increase that afterwards. That doesn't look to be the case though. 22K as the permanent seating capacity is shamefull. Bob young better find a lot more revenue streams because he just got hamstrung on making those revenue streams through ticket sales. Better do a great job of selling the sizzle because there aint much steak in the number of seats....

I'm sorry, the fanbase isn't there for seasons ticket subscribers for a stadium to be more than around the 22,000 mark, just isn't there. 22,000 if perfect for this city and this team now. You only want about 4,000 tickets, max for walkup, better it actually be in the 2,000 range actually. A team is more secure with a solid season ticket base, not too many walkups.

They are doing this exactly right with this seating capacity IMHO. Expand it later if the demand is there, for seasons that is, not cheapies provided to businesses with token costs.

Yes, the steak isn't in the number of seats, it's in the number of season ticket holders related to the number of seats and you want that figure to be around the 95 percent capacity range.