This will be a first for me

For the first time in my life im going for a team other then the Cats that is playing the Cats my only reason is that this may be Rob Hitchcocks last game and I hope his career ends with a bang hopefully Edmonton will let him play both teams are playing for pride now but no fear I still Bleed Black and Gold im just tired of the current management

Will he sign fwith the Cats for a day to retire as a Ticat??

I sure think so!

Although I appreciate all that Rob has done for this team and wish him well,I will never cheer for any team but the Cats...OSKEE WEE WEE...GO CATS GO

I will always love Rob and appreciate the person and player, but I have never cheered against the Cats and I will never cheer against them. The thought would never even enter my mind.

I sincerely wish Rob all the best and my undying thanks for all he did with the Hamilton Tiger Cats.
I hope he plays a great game against us in a losing effort.

I hope Rob Hitchcock has a charmed life after Saturday.

Saturday I hope that he is either manhandled or invisible, and he ends his career on the losing end of a rout.

As I previously stated I wish Rob well and appreciate all he has done for the Cats...But I want the cats to crush the esks....GO CATS GO...

Without question, Hitch has earned the respect he is due. It will be great to see him suit up on Saturday for the Empire. I won't complain if the Esks lose... nor will I complain if they win. :slight_smile: