This week's TiCat rankings - WTH??

What the heck?!
Mathew Cauz places the TiCats in 5th spot this week, even though the Cats blew out the best team in the league this past weekend, and barely lost to the formidable Als last week. (some would argue should have won)
And yet, the CFL's mathematical rankings lists the Cats as #1

Cauz needs counselling. :?

I like this line form his piece:

to be honest I have no earthly idea who the top four teams are anymore. With the way this season is going you may as well throw Montreal, Winnipeg, Edmonton and B.C. into a Yahtzee cup and just blindly roll the dice. So please keep your hate mail to a minimum, there is a super model thin difference between #1 and #4.

I agree with Cauz.

Where do you think we should be, and who should we jump to get there? The only think I disagree with is that I think teams 1 - 6 are all a coin flip not just 1 - 4. This year if your in the playoffs you have a great chance of winning the Cup.

well, the CFL rankings this week have us at #1 and I would have surmised around #3 or so for us this week, give or take.

you don't win games using a mathematical formula and thats what has us ranked #1. If you put us at #3 who do you bump down?

Well, don't look at the TSN rankings really won't like those...

I couldn't help myself Kubie. :o (a glutton for punishment)
wow, TSN rankings has us in 6th place with only T.O. and Sask. below us..

CFL on TSN Power Rankings
(Last updated: October 25)
[1] Winnipeg: Big win leads to big jump up the rankings
[2] Edmonton: Another win, another step closer to top spot
[3] B.C.: First loss in nine games means drop in rankings
[4] Montreal: After loss to Bombers, no longer tops in the East
[5] Calgary: Tate breathes new life into Stamps' offence
[6] Hamilton: Status quo despite blow-out win over Lions
[7] Toronto: Jyles seems to be finding his stride in Toronto
[8] Saskatchewan: The season can't end fast enough in Regina

:wink: I warned ya...

If I didn't have a complete lack of respect for TSN's CFL coverage and (well let's admit it) knowledge I would be pretty upset right now.

This ranking doesn't surprise or bother me at all.

First of all, who cares how we are ranked by somebody?

Beyond that, everything depends on how they are done-- mathematical formulas, subjective instincts, or whatever else. Should it be based on the latest game result, or on the season as a whole, or something in between?

Right now we are 8-8. Every team TSN ranks ahead of us has a better record than we do. The teams ranked below us have worse records. I guess they do it based on the whole season, or at least more of it than just the most recent game. Seems hard to me to complain a lot about that. I have a tougher time justifying the CFL mathematical one that has placed us first for much of the season. That one seems way out of line to me.

I'm just glad we're in the playoffs and that TSN pays the CFL a good whack of money for broadcast rights. As long as they keep doing that, they can rank us anywhere they like.

Let's win a couple more, maybe five more, and then we won't have to worry about rankings at all any more. If we're ranked 6th but win the Grey Cup, that will be really sweet.

I'm afraid that the only way Hamilton would reach the top of the rankings would be if they came home with the cup. Even then, the other team might take first as a consolation prize.

These rankings are meaningless. They are formulated by bias and illogic. The ONLY ranking that truly matters are the CFL standings.

Check out Matthew Cauz' video.

It's pretty funny and really shows what a crazy season it's been in the CFL so far.

thanks CK.
Cauz is certainly an animated fellow isn't he?

I still like his Yahtzee cup analogy, although like mentioned earlier, I too would have all six top teams in there to roll the dice with.

Welcome to parity.

Welcome to parity.
parity, shmarity. I want the Cats to be a powerhouse dynasty and I want it now!

spoiled brat aren't I? :wink:


I figure they just need to blast through parity in order to get on top. This year is just a stepping stone on the path to greatness.


A little...I'll give them until Nov. 27 this year to win the GC and then commence with a decade long dynasty.

I'm not asking for much.