This weeks ranking

courtesy of the Winnipeg Free Press.

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I can't understand how Hamilton remains last after the Argos were walloped again. And I also think the Als should be ranked #2 while Sask should be dropped to at least #3.

Interesting comment about BC, and i know these guys don't play to do anything but win, but failing a first place in the West (and therefore a playoff bi), wouldn't they rather cross over and go up against bombers/argos/cats?

I agree.

We may be in last place in the standings, however, Toronto has fallen apart! They've been getting rocked while Hamilton has had some fairly close games.

Besides... Hamilton is 2-1 against Toronto. Beat them up twice and lost a VERY close game.


Arguing who is 7th and 8th is like trying to figure out which QB looks better in a Dress. At the end of the day does it really matter? They're both ugly.

I can't understand how Hamilton remains last after the Argos were walloped again.
Maybe the people making these rankings UNDERSTAND that the Tiger Cat Organization is in FULL REBUILD MODE and have essentially GIVEN UP on this SEASON.

Maybe they realize that playing a ROOKIE at QB on the ROAD, in BC, is a RECIPE for another LOSS, and are just ANTICIPATING the FUTURE.

Maybe they can see the COMPLETE LACK of any COHESIVENESS, and CHEMISTRY in the locker room. Maybe they UNDERSTAND that when players are CONSTANTLY looking over their shoulders and have ZERO TRUST in their MANAGEMENT that there really is NO HOPE for them this SEASON.

Maybe they are just LAUGHING at the JOKE called the Hamilton Tiger Cats.


i dunno man, i can see us winning a couple more games this season, i cant see the argos beating anyone.

Looking at our remaining schedule, I think we can run the reverse.

We do not play the Argos any more, and that seems to be the only team we can beat.

The Lions have a shot at first or second in the west, and home field in the playoffs is a HUGE advantage for them due to the noise factor at B.C. Place.

Plus the east final will likely be in Montreal, who may be just as tough at home as a western team would be.

T.O is self destructing and will not make the playoffs…if we wanna be in the post season its winnipeg we are going to have to pass…we are 2 games back of the bombers and they get the tie…so in the 6 remaining games we have to win 3 more games then the bombers do in these last 6…so if the bombers were to only beat the blue team and lose the other 5 (which is quite realistic) we would have to go 4-2 in our remaining games to get 2nd in the east (which is quite un-realistic)


I really question the noise factor in CFL games (though I have never been to another CFL stadium besides IW), but a lot of these guys cut their teeth playing in front of college crowds of 80,000 plus down south. Like I say, obviously they are going to play for first place, but in the case of a crossover, I think it's more of an advantage to play a weak eastern team in round one than play at home against any other team in the west. Round two against Montreal is pretty much even odds, but maybe better than playing Calgary.

I would say that for any team in the west that ends up last, if things keep going the way they are. 'Course we could still win out and make second, beat the last place western team, kick the snot of Montreal, and take the Grey cup with a last second Setta field goal.

You're right... ain't going to happen.

Having a roof on a stadium makes a big difference, and B.C. Place in particular has a reputation for being loud when a big crowd gets going.

In big playoff games, teams have reported not being able to hear the quarterback even in the huddle. Not saying it's the loudest stadium on the continent, but it can definitely get loud enough to have a big impact on the game.

I think records are thrown out the window when the rankings are done.

A question, could the Cats beat the Argos this week if they were playing? Yes!

Throw out the Argos and everyone else is playing really good ball at this moment.

I don't see us winning any remaining games on our schedule. We just can't close the games out. It's more talent than coaching at this point. These guys just have to win one close one and we get some confidence.