This Weeks Predictions

Edmonton 42 - Montreal 35, The Eskimos win a barn burner with Calvillo and Ray both putting on a show. Look for the Eskimo running game to be a big factor.

Calgary 35 - B.C. 21, Reynolds will be a big factor, Pierce will be knocked out of the game early and Jackson won't have any answers. Jiminez and Murphy will break down in tears in each others arms following the game.


How sweet it will be!!!!!

My predition is the team that scores the most points will win.

Okay wise guy, which game?

Well, probably in both games...

My predictions:

Montreal 37 Edmonton 16
Calgary 34 BC 17

This is getting good! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Montreal 27 - Edmonton 17. Cavillo will eat up the Eskimo D. Ricky will have a great game but will stall in the red zone too many times.

BC 27 - Calgary 24. Both teams will play a great game, but in the end the Lions will squeak by.

Gery Cup will be Montreal vs BC.

I dont think the Lions will as successful this week because they are facing a team that will move the football down the field, keeping up sustained drives. The Riders did not do that, and their D was on the field too much-- my feeling is the Stamps D will get plenty of rest between series.

Impossible for me to predict who's going to win. Last week my only prediction leading up to the week was B.C. was going to show up and play hard and would do better in Regina then in the dome. I was not even predicting a B.C. win.

I said half way through the year take the top 5 teams in the league, the four from the west and Montreal throw them all in a hat pick one out and that is who is going to win the grey cup this year. Any team could win it they are all evenly matched.

See I think you are wrong. the team which scores the fewest points will lose.....

This is the second time you’ve made me laugh out loud today. :lol:

My bold predictions… The Eskimos will go into Montreal and upset the Als. The Eskimos will be pumped up after their win in Winnipeg, and Montreal will be too relaxed from the bye. Tristan will run one back for a TD, and we’ll come ahead 35-31.

The Lions will come in feeling good about themselves… too good, and it’ll show. The Stamps will open up with a nice lead and never look back. 37-23.

MTL 31 vs EDM 23....MTL does better in the red zone and takes it

CGY 31 vs BC 26.....BC does 3pts better than EDM but still CGY does better inthe red zone and wins

You just like debating with me :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes (one of the few Lion fans in that category ....)
Tastes great.....

Edmonton 56 mtl 2
cgy 154 bc 1
All alberta GC won by Edm 276 -Cgy 13

lol owned!

These are my predictions.

East Final - Montreal 38 Edmonton 26
West Final - Calgary 42 B.C. 40 - Sandro DeAngelis kicks the game winning field goal.

Grey Cup - Calgary 27 Montreal 20

Cgy 41 B.C. 21

MTL 34 EDM 32