this weeks predictions

Toronto over Montreal--close game-Montreal within 3 pts.
Winnipeg over Calgary ( I hope not ) very close-Winnepig on a last second field goal after being awarded a 15 yard piling on penalty :oops:
BC over Edmonton--a walk in the park--RLR's team will win :stuck_out_tongue:
Hamilton by 5 over Sask.-- after Austin gets upset with a penalty call 3 minutes into the game and takes his players off the field. :twisted:

I'll take the Montreal, Winnipeg, Edmonton, and the Flyers over the Red Army ....whoops I meant Saskatchewan over Hamilton. Sorry, I was thrown back in time by your comment about removing players from the field.


Ah, yes I rember watching that game in disbelief. Those Flyer sure took it to the USSR team. What a bunch of bullies. LOL

psssst REd Stud change the title to predict! Thanks bud!

The Stamps, Argos and Lions will all win. I know this to be true.

I predict there will be a "I hate the Refs" post by Sunday night.


To win, same as in Big Daves pool.

Is there no game Friday?

Arius, Sunday night was my "Minimum".... :lol: :lol:

Friday is definately a possibillity! :wink:

We should start a pool.
I'm taking 9:15 gone in the first quarter, Friday night....
To be fair, I can't start the thread myself....

TO @ Montreal: Winner, Montreal - The big O finally succumbs to the shoddy workmanship that has plagued many Montreal structures of late and collapses prior to game time. Only the roof remains in place since it has been stuck there for more than a decade. The Als show up at the site and wander aimlessly around the rubble but the Argos fail to get off the team bus. After reviewing the situation on instant replay, the officials declare Montreal the winners by default.

Edmonton @ BC: Winner, Edmonton – Maciocia, nobody’s fool when it comes to coaching innovation, notices that the Lions have failed to show up until the final minutes of their last three games. Armed with this information, his team scores early and often before the Lions emerge from their dressing room at BC Place only to learn that they trail the
Eskimos by a score 104 – 0. Lions go on to lose the game by 2.

Hamilton @ Saskatchewan: Winner, Saskatchewan – With the game on the line and 10 seconds remaining, the officials, aware that they may not get out of Mosaic alive after the ejections the week before in Hamilton, eject Hamilton’s entire defensive backfield from the game. In a statement issued later, the league announced that the referee had ruled that the Hamilton secondary was playing like a powder-puff football team and subsequently disqualified them for cross-dressing. Fantuz, with no one left to cover him, breaks open in the end zone, takes a pass from KJ, and drops it. Aware that the Rider fans were still seething at their guy not winning the OPW award the week before, the officials, fearing for their lives, hastily convene a huddle and then call for a review of the play. Upon review, the ruling from the field was that there was no conclusive evidence that Fantuz may or may not have caught the ball on the play, but they know for sure that he has caught at least one ball without dropping it during the course of the season and that was good enough for them.

Calgary @ Winnipeg: Winner, Calgary – Henry Burris, who had just broken both of his legs falling down the ramp at the Winnipeg airport, starts the game for the Stampeders. In the last minute of play with Calgary leading by an unconverted touchdown, Burris succumbs to the pain and is carried from the field. The Bombers march the ball all the way down to the Calgary 2 yard line. Charles Roberts gets the ball and is driving toward the end zone when he is hit by the ambulance taking Burris to the hospital. As he is falling, he extends the ball toward the goal line where it is stripped by Morgana, the Kissing Bandit who had burst onto the field from the cheap seats, thus preserving the Calgary win.

Big Dave: if you are reading this crap, these are NOT my real picks

Thats a good one.

I just heard Calgary hasnt won outside of Alberta.

...which means they'd be due by the time they hit Regina November 11th....damnit anyway...

Methinks it snows far too much in your head to cover your tracks with any efficiency. Just stand behind your comments man...we all know anyways.


Nicely done HAHA