This weeks predictions

Got only %50 and barely if I remember right

Cal/Wpg Wpg they wont lose back to back against the Stamps. Bombers Bomb the horses

Edm/Bc Bc they wont play that bad at home and dome field advantage Lions eat the Inuit no polar bears to defend them.

Tor vs Mtl Mtl well rested time to get their crap together

Ham vs Sask not sure check back need to know more on Printers injury

Wpg by 7
BC by 10 but Hitchcock will dominate on D.
Tor by 3 unfortunately
Sask by 17.. and I'm a ticats fan :frowning:

oh Bobby...the Rider game is a no brainer. It would literally take a miracle for the Cats to win this week, with or without Printers. I actually fear R. Williams more. Need I remind you that those who trust their hearts, in football, are often exposed as the brainless little whatevers that they are. Have a good time hating the Riders man, it looks good on you.