this weeks POWER rankings

I agree with the TSN poer rankings more, except that Winnipeg should be higher than Ottawa.

winnipeg higher than ottawa???..ottawa has 2 more wins than winnipeg…
if your gonna say that simply cause winnipeg beat them, then ottawa should be higher than montreal.

Mate, Ottawa is going on a bye, got beaten VERY badly by the Bombers, and Winnipeg is facing the Cats whom are in total choas mode. That's eough for me.

these power rankings are made B4 this weeks games....your looking ahead to a few weeks down the road. even if winnipeg wins this week, they're still 4-6 (.400 winning percentage )and ottawa is 5-4 ( .555 winning percentage )

Fine, you have your ranking, I have got mine.

Peace! :wink:

didn’t Montreal BEAt Edmonton? :twisted:

Too right!

well see if montreal can beat the eskimos again?

I think this conversation is a waste of time.
Who at the end of the year will say
"who cares that Team x won the cup? We were first in the POWER ranking" :shock:

it makes for an interesting read while waiting for the games.
if its a waste of time, yd u join in on it? :?

It was a bad choise of words on my part.
What I meant to say is that the rankinging are meaningless. As far as I'm concerned its the standings that count.

but standings can be misleading cuz a team can beat all the weak teams and PADD thier record, as sask. did at the start of the year....i think both are useful to get the whole picture.

misleading as oposed to someones opinion?
I just looked at the ranking at noticed that
#3 edmonton lost to #4 Montreal who lost to #5 Calgary who lost to #6 Ottawa who lost to #7 Winnipeg
I'll take the standings

I said this at the beginning...........and I will state this now........thses lists are about as meaningful as , other best of , lists.

My point exactly