this weeks POWER rankings

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ottawa and montreal took quite a fall from last week.

this link is to TSNs power rankings for the week:

"Up next the Eskies host the dysfunctional Alouettes. "


I think it’s a bit far-fetch to put the Als below the BlueBombers. Both teams won two of their last three. But the Bombers had been struggling way more over the course of the season.

That guy doesn't really know what he is talking about in my opinion. The TSN ones weren't bad though.

I agree Third, as much as I like seeing the Als down that far, I think they shouldn't be ranked behind the Blue Bombers and they should even be ahead of the Gades.

At the beginning of the season............every one loved these.............

I love thses ones...........but Montreal should not be so low.

The Al’s JUST losed to Calgary, so yeah they should be higher.

.......well that made absolutely no sense KK.........but thanks for trying......

......based on wins you have to put the Gades above the Als, but things may change over the course of the next three to four weeks.....but the Als need to be higher than Winnipeg, sorry BB fans but in a head to head match up against Montreal the BBs wouldn't win.....Montreal would outscore the Winnipeg offense.....

didnt winnipeg BEAT montreal???

I think just because a team beats another shouldn't be why their ranked higher. For example, Winnipeg beat Montreal, Montreal split with Toronto, and Toronto has beat Winnipeg. Also same works with Calgay, Toronto and Montreal. Power Rankings should be based on how a teams overall performance has been, not has they played each other. Because Hamilton gave B.C one of their biggest test back in late July, but that doesn't mean sh*t to their ranking.

i agree with u, argos 04 champs....just that red&white said montreal would beat winnipeg, but they didnt....but i do think montreal should be ranked higher than winnipeg.

( im going to the argos vs calgary game wednesday. im debating weather to cheer for t.o. or play the crowd-enemy and cheer for calgary? )

Be the ennemy! And my fellow gentlement Argo fans will paint your white teeth with your own blood, wiggle-style!


I said JUST, meaning that they lose not by MUCH! :twisted:

Now I know who Thrid’s team was when Montreal was in Hiatos! :lol:

but I like the Argos too, but not as much as I like the Cats! :smiley:

Argo fans are usually pretty calm towars the opposing fans. its hamilton u gotta watch out for.

hamilton fans didnt so much as say a word to me while i was cheering ottawa and heckling the tiger-cats all game long

Does anybody realy care about these rankings?
I only care about 2
The eastern standings and the western standings

Is someone going to post them, Im too lazy to look them up.

TSN'S power rankings are also up now..............

  1. B.C.............

  2. TORONTO................ :smiley:

  3. EDMONTON................

  4. MONTREAL............

  5. CALGARY..............

too lazy to look them up????...i posted a can u be to lazy to CLICK A LINK????

heres a link to TSN's power rankings ( the first link was to sportsnet power rankings ) :

Completely disagree, the “power rankings” are meant (for what ever they’re worth) to be (albeit one person’s), based on opinion as to how a team is currently playing. I think this guy was just saying that by losing to Calgary, Montreal isn’t “currently” an elite team. If you want “overall performnace” as you say, that’s what the standings are for…overall performance.

Now, some may say that based on that criteria perhaps Edmonton should not be ranked so high but let’s not forget the Esks sure, have lost two straight…against the two GC finalists and by what…a combined nine points, or something? Those two teams are simply a little ahead of development so far this season (and let’s not into the fact that the EE completely dominated statistically).