this weeks game winners will be...


you heard it here first :cowboy:



you heard it here second :cowboy:

Not even Top 10. Heard it in Big Daves thread days ago, but thanks for pulling a mattsdad.

yer welcome… :wink: …just wondering…do ya miss him dc ???..and his twin Mikey :wink: :roll:

which of us are you talking to. If me, then...

You have no clue what you are talking about, and not for the first time

I looked through the whold BD thread before I posted and not one person picked the combo of winners that I have.

Their schtick was growing old fast. For both of them, but for a solid 2 days we had us some fun. :rockin:

So you figured to pollute the board with an additional thread that throws all the attention on you instead of posting in BD's thread like everyone else. Welcome back mattsdad.

why should I create extra work for BD when I am not actually competing?

And the extra keystrokes to type that in a post would surely wear your fingers off. Still very troll like, whether intended or not, no matter how you slice it.

He wasn't placing a bid in Big Dave's pool...why would he post there?

Some just have to find something to complain about I suppose.

Pot this is kettle. :roll:

Don't see me complaining a whole bunch. Do I, yep, but on basically any thread I post in. I am sure you see me as negative because I post against you're views on most things.

Like are slamming someone for starting a predictions thread in the main chat area...just don't read it.

Like are slamming someone for commenting that it's littering of the board for starting an additional predictions thread in the main chat area...just don't read it the post.

I was reading the thread, and was basically forced to read your drivel because of that. Big difference. You complained for the sake of complaining. I pointed it out because it is just ridiculous, and will often stand up defensively for a poster. You are one of the most negative people I have ever come across. I don't know if you come on here to vent all of that off, or if you are like this in day to day life...I sure hope not.

And you are one of the most stubborn and close minded people I've ever come across. It doesn't cause me to lose any sleep though. Sad that a few words on an internet message board have such an impact on your day.

They really don't, but it is funny you just admitted what I said about you. Yes, I am stubborn...I will not back down from closed minded abusive persons such as yourself. I will do that in day to day life, or on here...why, I hold others to basic morality when they insist upon throwing negativity and general disdain at others. Am I abusive in my own actions...guess you get what you give.

You went from negativity to "basic morality"???????? WOW! Are you desperate. Once again off in your little fantasy world. Now if you can show me in my above post (made it much different from everything else because I know how confused you get) where I proved your point I would love to see it. We are done and you need therapy. You refuse to believe facts, see things in posts that are not written and clearly are losing a grip if you see a direct line between anything we've discussed and "basic morality".

“Sad that a few words on an internet message board have such an impact on your day.”

that would be saying you admitted you have attacked. Why else would on even suggest words bothered another.

And yes, basic morality would entail not attacking someone for no real reason…ie like you did in this post, or do you not understand what basic morality means? Then again, your basic morality is apparently cool with attacking people here…guess that just clashes pretty hard with most people’s definition of acceptable social practices.