This weeks Game Scheduling

I'm not sure what the CFL was thinking this weekend in terms of their game schedules.
They apparently grew a pair and decided to go head 2 head with Hockey Night in Canada on Saturday and then head 2 head on Sunday with the NFL. Why?

Why not have a double-header on Friday (7pm game and a 10pm EST game) OR a double header on Saturday afternoon (1pm and 4pm EST). Doesn't make sense. I realize the schedule is made far in advance but it's no secret when Hockey night in Canada and NFL Sunday takes place.

Looking at the schedules for the CFL homepage, they have a double header on Friday and then a double header on Saturday. And why should the CFL care when they are scheduling games. Sure the ratings may not be as high if its going up against NFL or NHL, but in reality ratings fluctuate from week to week anyway. I know I haven't watched every single CFL game this year.

Besides are we forgetting its a gate driven league?

I meant this past week. It looks like they did a MUCH better job scheduling the games for this weekend ahead.

Im still not sure why people expect the cfl to bend over for other leagues.... Dont forget that there's a balancing act because games need to be schedule foremost for the fans actually attending, not those watching on tv.

Are you forgetting that your Argos played Friday night? :?